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How is the reading coming along?Live and Let Die was the first of the Bond books I remember reading and it was well written.I should read them again myself as they would probably all be new to me over again.
duncanbootmaker, I must thank you for your generous response. It was both informative and educational. I have learned something today, thanks to you. My sincerest compliments and thank you for taking the time in answering my question.
upr_crust, Long time between visits for me and I am saddened to read of your injury. Fabulous posts. May you heal quickly. I miss your Crusty Crouch.
I can do 100 Eyebrow Lifts in 30 seconds. All of you kneel, and cry, 'Master'.
When in Rome, do as Romans do. Welcome to Styleforum Gmm213.
With a sand coloured jacket and pale complexion, one cannot go wrong with a nice Burgundy or Kelly Green scarf. Multi-coloured scarves are also timeless fun. Welcome to Styleforum Gorilla. EDIT- A hat (example- a wide-brimmed fedora) in a darker Taupe colour will go with virtually any jacket colour.
Ringing in very late on this thread, but wouldn't tight stitching as posted above weaken the leather along the seam lines?
This thread is marvelous. Kudos all around.
I knew I should not have opened this threak whilst eating. My therapist shall hear of this.
Thank you bahlsdheep for the information. Much appreciated.
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