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Thanks, DuckOb.I've tried them on back in 2011 when I got the 1k. Shoe salesman said to go 1/2 down on the indys. Unfortunately, I can't remember if they were D width.
Interested in the Indy. I wear a D width Wolverine 1k mile boot. Would a D Indy be alright? Will be going a half size down from 9.5 to 9.
Any opinions on the Lowerdale vest?
I own both and would say the Chelsea basically has that "modern fit" where it's long on arms and length but tighter around the shoulders and waist whereas the Bedale has the classic box fit as some might say where it's round all around.See if you can try it at an Orvis or some place they might sell it because the medium is tighter around the shoulders. It may be a problem if you have broad shoulders.
I'm I the only one seeing the irony in something made for the country being popular in the city?
I love these Barbour wax jackets as much as the next guy but my gosh are they a magnet for lint, especially, the black Sapper. Finally got around to getting a lint brush and I had enough threads to knit my own sweater
I asked about it. Thanks for replying. Looks great on you. So how warm is it? Good for spring/fall?
Its probably baggy. Classic fit in Barbour is like their Beaufort style where they make it with a bit of room for layers. If you want something snug, you want to look for "modern cut" or some variation of that.
Nice! I'm thinking of getting one too. Are you getting the sportsquilt version? Post back on how warm that feels. I wanna get one for the spring but I don't want anything that will make me sweat.
So, whats the word on the slim-straight Selvedge jeans? Size wise, should I get a larger number than normal? Also, does the color bleed onto other cloths?
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