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BOTH suits now sold
More price drops.
Old post but yes, prolonged soaking (like 12 hours) in a bleach solution completely removed the pink hue. Wouldn't have worked to leave it as the pink was only on areas where the suncream had rubbed in: seams, collar, armpits. Not really a good look. All sorted fortunately, thanks for the advice
Bump for price reduction. These are now 65% off ticket price, which I consider to be a screaming good deal! I am not going to be online a lot this afternoon nor tomorrow, but will respond to any messages as fast as I can. Please email alastair [underscore] instone [at] hotmail [dot] com - I don't get SF PM notifications, so sometimes miss them.
Quote: Originally Posted by Incman It's reverse psychology folks. Think about it. Step 1: He makes a second account, and then bumps his thread. Step 2: He posts about it in this thread, knowing full well it will not be taken seriously, and that the mods won't waste their time IP checking in a case such as this. Step 3: His claim is not taken seriously, and is joked about by other members, as demonstrated above. Step 4: ????? Step 5: Free...
Some newly regisered user called stanleylewis just bumped one of my threads. I'd like to point out that someone is trying to game the banning process and get innocent folk banned. Is a mod able to delete the post please, and maybe look at IPs to see who is doing this?
(Hopefully legit) bump for some decent price drops. IMNSHO these were great value before, and are screaming deals now.
Prolonged soaking in fresh, stronger bleach seems to be bringing the stain out. Which is lucky - had I been forced to follow ter1413's suggested solution my wife would have cut my balls off. Thanks for the suggestions.
Thanks. And hmmmm. Riemann P20 site say "Avoid any use of chlorine as this may worsen the stains." Seems I screwed that one up...
Had an accident recently with my favourite Dunhill shirt: a new brand of sunscreen (P20 - an alcohol based apply-once-a-day) stained it. Where the shirt rubbed left yellow stains. Pretty ugly. Shirt is ruined as it is (standard stain treatment did very little to improve), so I decided to soak it in a solution of bleach. Problem is, as soon as I put the shirt in, all the stained areas turned bright pink! Sink was clean, no idea where the pink pigment came from. Anyone...
New Posts  All Forums: