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A Brooks Brothers sale might also fit your budget. For a real bargain, look at the buying and selling forum here. There are always overcoats listed in the classic menswear section. Luxeswap (see the thread in CM) is also an excellent bet.
Peccary is a more durable leather, and of course some people prize its appearance. Truthfully, if you want to be really warm, shearling or down mittens are the way to go.
Buy more sweaters. It'll help you feel the holiday spirit. Always works for me:)
Quality is fine, but you are paying a premium for the brand name. For great quality without the marketing budget mark up, take a look at wallets at No Man Walks Alone.
I bought the NR Moscow but haven't worn it yet. When I lived in Chicago, I wanted long coats. When the temperatures drop and the wind whips off the lake, longer is better.
I wear mine all the time.
My wallet from the summer La Portegna MTO arrived today. What a great reward after work!
FYI, I'm pretty sure that ToBox in Philly carries Thomas Reimer gloves.
If you can't find a good RTW fit or want something exotic, MTM or custom is a good idea. Personally, I'd also think about how much I'd wear the overcoat to determine the value of the "perfect" coat.
I would check what LL Bean is selling. Bean products are high-quality and usually very affordable.
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