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I'm very sorry to hear the sad news, NOBD.
A little bit of closet cleaning in honor of spring. 1. SOLD Heathered medium gray Malo cashmere turtleneck. $90 shipped CONUS. Insurance extra. Actual shipping cost elsewhere. Chest: 44" around; shoulder to shoulder 17.5" across. Hardly ever worn, hand-washed and blocked by a premier cleaner. Condition: 9/10, with one small exception: a 1/8" hole on the neck that's invisible when the neck folded over. This tiny hole could easily be rewoven. Minor pilling on the...
Visited NMWA today and picked up the Schneider Gemini sweater in blue. The texture is just amazing; seeing the sweater in person makes it irresistable. Ditto the Inglese cotton/linen fabrics and the featherweight Camoshita jackets. The entrance to NMWA smells like the Calabrese leather bags, which are simply drop dead gorgeous.
Spring closet cleaning has arrived. One pair of lightweight cords and three pairs of basic office pants. 1. SOLDNWT sz 36 Rusty orange babycord from Barney's. $99 + actual shipping waist 36"; rise 10"; cuff 8.75". Medium-slim cut for Incos; suitable for all us who can't wear the skinny pants. 2. SOLD Khaki sz 36. Worn once or twice; like new except for alterations. Beautiful super 150 fabric for warm weather. $99 + actual shipping waist 35 + 1 to let; rise 11.25;...
Realky a terrific film. Jep's wardrobe is beautiful.
A shoe expert advised me to talcum powder to remedy a stain on a tan shoe. Rub the powder in to absorb the oil, then brush it off. A few go rounds might really help.
Greg, will there be more Farnese belts for summer? Perhaps in lighter colors?
Someone should snap these up pronto.
Sounds like Strep from Hell, Greg. Glad you're feeling better.
dieworkwear is the expert here, but my experience is that jeans end up looser rather than tighter as long as you never, ever, ever put them in the dryer (not that anyone hear would ever think of such heretical behavior).
New Posts  All Forums: