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My experiences with Carl have been great. Only wish I lived in NYC. OP, did you try to reach a reasonable accommodation , or are you just complaining for the hell of it?
I would not buy that fabric. Much too hard to wear.
Did you get a competent, professional fitting? Shoes come in different lasts for different feet. In the meantime, get some moleskin at the drugstore. It helps a lot.
Succumbed to temptation and ordered the leather Porter by Yoshida briefcase. Will it be too nice to use?
Junior Geezer?
Pleated ties are very 1975.
To me, the pants and the jacket look mismatched in style. I suspect that the problem started when you tapered the pants. A BB suit is just not going to be sleek.
Definitely CEGO. RTW: Does No Man Walks alone have anything?
The navy donegals are incredibly nice. I have the burgundy donegals myself and love them.
'Tis the weather for tzimmes on the east coast.
New Posts  All Forums: