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Sunspel tees are quite nice. Overpriced, but nice.
But what are you wearing, Tir?
Three season mid-gray wool pants. Not as a nice as Incotex, but still very nice fabric with good drape. Medium-slim cut; modern looking but not crazy. Altered but unworn. $50 shipped CONUS. Actual measurements: waist 35" + 2" to let rise 10 1/4" inseam 30 7/8" + 1.75" cuff (only 1/2" under the cuff) thigh 11" cuff width 8 3/4"
Carl 1; shibboleths, 0.
Carl is real gem. Buy some shirts!
At that price point, I would do SR or Despos in Chicago. A few hundred bucks for a flight to Chicago sounds perfectly manageable for your budget, so I'd probably go with Despos. You can see him more easily.
Would you like to take pre-orders???
Inis Meain cardi arrived today. Should have ordered two! Thanks, Greg!
Nice one, Crusty. That's a beautiful suit.
As a veteran of orthopedic surgeries, I can only echo what's been said here. You'll have to wait and see how the repair turns out. In my experience, double or triple whatever recovery estimate the surgeon gives you, then add six months for letting your body adapt overall to your new situation. I don't think the doctors lie, but they do minimize, and most of them have not been through the surgeries they perform.
New Posts  All Forums: