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You, too, can grow up to be a German professor.
In a way, women have more latitude; there are more options in clothing. In another way, though, women in higher ed face all sorts of challenges in establishing legitimacy and authority. Women in high administration, for example, often dress very CBD, i.e. suits or dresses/skits with jackets. Women faculty have more options, and women below the dean's office do, too. Men get an automatic grant of legitimacy and authority, and, for the most part, no one pays too much...
Ryan, An inexpensive seeksucker-ish jacket for really hot weather is OK. On the whole, though, darker colored jackets will be more slimming. Congrats on your progress so far and on your terrific ability to take criticism and laugh at yourself.
+1. I'm also due to re-read Lucky Jim and Small World.
Agree 100% with Ac's comments on student course evaluations. Students' narrative comments can be helpful, but those scantron evals aren't worth much.
Some thoughts. 1. Having taught at private and public institutions, I'd say that public institutions are less formal. 2. Having taught at rural and urban institutions, I'd say that rural institutions are less formal. 3. Having lectured at many places, I'd say that dress in the northeastern US is more formal than elsewhere. There are exceptions; every campus has its aging hippies. 4. Young faculty are faced with the challenge of establishing authority in the classroom....
Greg, when are orders for the Portegna wallets due? Am debating about color.
Am debating between blue and green. When is the deadline for ordering?
Ryan, Chogall is right. You might try v-neck sweaters as well as zip-necks. Both will direct the eye to your face. A blazer and collared shirt will have the same effect.
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