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I would check what LL Bean is selling. Bean products are high-quality and usually very affordable.
Seconding Mr.Six. I, too, hope that your friends and family are alright.
You guys could do a brisk business in Croccantini.
None of the north American universities I've been affiliated with has anything like a decent looking or decently made school tie. Students these days (sorry about that phrase) prefer university-themed athletic gear.
I've seen the scarf in person. It's great--and a steal.
Google searching will provide a lot of options. Just look for white coats at any uniform shop for healthcare professionals.
Congratulations on all of these marvelous developments!
I don't know about whether Crema Alpina would work on shell cordovan, but it is great on calfskin.
Here to second Murlsquirl's advice. Pay for quality, not branding. You might also see if Linjer Leathers has anything suitable.
I would avoid major surgery on any jacket. The best strategy is to find a garment that's a decent fit before alterations. Messing with the shoulders or the length is generally a recipe for unhappiness.
New Posts  All Forums: