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Sounds like Strep from Hell, Greg. Glad you're feeling better.
dieworkwear is the expert here, but my experience is that jeans end up looser rather than tighter as long as you never, ever, ever put them in the dryer (not that anyone hear would ever think of such heretical behavior).
Very minimal shrinkage for me with the Big John sanforized denim. Just order by the measurements and don't look back.
First wear today for the Big John Jeans. Perfection in denim!
Shoes look tight. If you have the same problem with other shoes, you probably need a good professional shoe fitting. If your other shoes are fine, the last on this particular AE model may not work for you or you may simply be wearing the wrong size. Can you go to an AE store or a Nordstrom? Either one usually has experienced fitters.
Stitchy, how warm is the parka?
If I had the cash on hand, I'd buy that orange coat in a minute. Greg has a great sense of color. Yours truly, Sick of Winter
Everyone has an off day, Stitchy.
So dangerous and so enjoyable to visit NMWA.
Looks good, Stitchy. I prefer chocolate suede with the gray h-bones, but you've got me thinking.
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