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I should have joined this club, but I bought a scarf on sale from NoMan. Waiting for February.
Congrats on fatherhood!
Fabulous, gents! Happy new year!
I don't doubt that some people have had frustrating experiences with Luxire. I can report that my own experiences have been very positive. I've placed a few orders, and Ashish and company have been helpful and professional. Like many people here, I'm looking forward to a website with more features.
Also wearing the Moscow today. 25 F in Philly today.
Alden, too, but Alden shoes may be more conservative than your taste. If you haven't had a good professional shoe fitting, try to get one.
Did you contact Filson directly? They might have some advice. Oil stains on leather can be removed by rubbing some baby powder into the stain to absorb the oil. If the stains are on twaxed canvas, you can sometimes scrape off the discolored wax, then rewax the damaged spot.
A difficult choice. I just took the Camoshita SC to my tailor, who loved the cloth and the color. Wool corduroy is very cool.
Congrats on the engagement, LD.
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