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Bon anniversaire, Greg!
Those of us who live in places where our shoe size is uncommon (e.g. US 6, US 9.5AA, etc.) will occasionally find something great on discount but generally have to pay retail. It is just the way the market works.
For those in Philly, I am pretty sure that Boyd's will do an Eidos MTM event. They did last year. Discount was 10, maybe 15%.
Congrats, Greg, on the WSJ mention. Thank you, WSJ, for promoting Greg's business. Should we wish you a stampede of business or just a steady flow?
You are selling the beast?
Just received a marvelous Farnese saffiano belt. A real steal at the sale price. Thanks, Greg!
For me, the Porter Yoshida leather briefcase takes the prize this year. Just a fantastic design.
Discount will be tough. Have you checked out shops with very wide inventory? E.g. Shoemart and Moulded Shoe? Alden makes an amazing variety of sizes. Ditto Allen Edmonds. The aesthetic is obviously different from Ferragamo, but you might find a few items that work for you.
Ortho is famous for attracting athletes. What about other specialties?
Any news about f/w knitwear?
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