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Five sleepers: 1. Pedaled Jacket 2. Porter Duffel 3. More luggage 4. Drake's Scarf 5. Ikat tee
Having seen some Eidos pieces in person as well as online, I'd say that you really have to see the fabrics in person. The Eidos silhouettes are very nice, but the fabrics really make the clothes sing. What looks loud on the screen can look luxurious and elegant in person.
You might look into whether Alden uses veg tanned leather linings.
Anything frozen on the east coast would be a mechaya today.
Darker polish will darken the shoes. Use edge dressing on the edges of the soles.
For American trad clothes, try J Press or O'Connell's in Buffalo. I don't know what either will have below $200, but it is worth a try.
Still in for the Kudu boots.
That's a lot of dormitive power.
Sunspel tees are quite nice. Overpriced, but nice.
But what are you wearing, Tir?
New Posts  All Forums: