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+1. Great stuff!
Good decision, Coxy. That jacket adds 25lbs to your middle.
Kudos to Will for his wonderful work over the years. Let's see what comes next.
The Moulded guys only seem gruff. They've been incredibly helpful and nice to me for years.
There is another Alden model that comes with an orthotic. Are you sure you tried on a modified last? I found Boston Pedorthic very helpful, but Moulded Shoe has a bigger selection.
Anyone who doesn't own that Porter leather briefcase should buy one immediately.
OP, a few pieces of advice: 1. Shop for fit. if the shoes don't fit, they are useless. 2. Stick to your budget, and buy the best you can actually afford. No item of clothing or pair of shoes is worth breaking the bank. 3. If you can, go slowly, and see how each pair you try actually works out for you. 4. Whatever shoe you're wearing, give it a good shine. Even inexpensive shoes can look sharp with a good shine. People do notice the condition of your shoes. 5. Stick...
Check out no man walks alone
Happy birthday, NMWA! And many, many more!
Do not snip. Use the snag tool.
New Posts  All Forums: