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Quality is fine, but you are paying a premium for the brand name. For great quality without the marketing budget mark up, take a look at wallets at No Man Walks Alone.
I bought the NR Moscow but haven't worn it yet. When I lived in Chicago, I wanted long coats. When the temperatures drop and the wind whips off the lake, longer is better.
I wear mine all the time.
My wallet from the summer La Portegna MTO arrived today. What a great reward after work!
FYI, I'm pretty sure that ToBox in Philly carries Thomas Reimer gloves.
If you can't find a good RTW fit or want something exotic, MTM or custom is a good idea. Personally, I'd also think about how much I'd wear the overcoat to determine the value of the "perfect" coat.
I would check what LL Bean is selling. Bean products are high-quality and usually very affordable.
Seconding Mr.Six. I, too, hope that your friends and family are alright.
You guys could do a brisk business in Croccantini.
None of the north American universities I've been affiliated with has anything like a decent looking or decently made school tie. Students these days (sorry about that phrase) prefer university-themed athletic gear.
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