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OP, the most important feature of shoes is fit. Find the shoe that works for your feet.
If the stain is oily, try rubbing some talcum powder into it to absorb the material. I've used this technique successfully on shoes.
David wins the internet.
Loake also makes nice shoes for women.
Just received a terrific black henley from Mauro. If only the mocha were in stock!
The combination of tassel loafers and formal suits gives me flashbacks to the 80's.
Quoted for posterity: "The dandy must therefore temper his care for his appearance and delight in his wardrobe with a nonchalant attitude and self-defecating humor."
Received a pair of Merola unlined deerskin suede gloves today. Attention, decadents! Merola gloves are a must have.
Both look fine to me. Who wants to wear tight clothing in hot weather?
Do you have trips to the USA planned? Cuts for the American market are usually less trim.
New Posts  All Forums: