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Best news I've heard all day. Looking forward to the list.
An Absolute Idea, as the Hegelians would say.
I can't recommend the Norwegian Rain Moscow enough. The coat is insane--lightweight, elegant, lots of nice details, and insulation for the arctic.
Frank, you're not keeping the kudu Indy boot? I adore mine--and am planning to wear them with the NR coat.
Blue. I have a lot of black coats already. Which would you pick?
Just ordered the NR Moscow to make sure that everyone has a mild winter. Fingers crossed for a good fit.
On my university campus, we've solved the door holding and door opening problem. Whoever gets there first performs the needed action. If we could just get everyone to dress a little better...
The general advice to job candidates these days seems to have absolutely no more than one drink at dinner. I certainly tell my candidates to avoid excess drinking at any professional event. (If only faculty colleagues would follow this advice...) And then there are the reminders of what not to try to eat at an interview dinner: long pasta with red sauce, artichokes, corn on the cob, etc.
Since we're headed into cold weather, how about heavier wools and some texture--flannels and twills come to mind immediately. Small patterns, like herringbones, subtle donegals or other tweeds, etc. will work well. The same kinds of patterns would be versatile in jackets, too. What's your budget?
96F here in Philly. All I can think about is cold weather!
New Posts  All Forums: