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Zayde chic?
Maybe it depends how much shortening is involved. My tailor was able simply to fold about 1" under and stitch it down. Thus he avoided damaging the water-proofing.
Slim-fit is the SF obsession, but let me go on record in favor of a little heresy: sometimes slim-fit is not the best idea. A little room in outerwear is a good thing.
The Moscow has interior chest pockets. Also inside pockets at roughly the level of pants pockets.For those who wonder about the texture of the herringbone fabric, I've found that my Moscow has softened nicely and started to conform to me.For those who wonder about alterations, I had the sleeves shortened a bit on mine. To preserve the bonding, my tailor folded rather than cut the excess fabricLast but not least, the shearling collar and shearling in the lining are really...
Once you have a tux, you'll find occasions to wear it. Besides, your partner will have more occasions to buy some spiffy outfits so that the two of your will look great together. Win-win, I'd say.
Once you fix the sleeves, I think the shoulders will look fine. A little extra room in outerwear is not a bad thing.
Moulded Shoe usually has a decent inventory of basic styles in the modified last.
I use it to clean and condition calfskin shoes. It's a nice alternative to Saphir Renovateur.
If the shoe fits...
Received this yesterday: It's incredibly nice, even by the very high NMWA standards of nice. And made by an SF member.
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