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Quote: Originally Posted by sonlegoman I just bought a large selection of new fabrics. Some dots, some stripes, some windowpane, all in cotton. Do you guys have any other suggestions as to what you'd like to see? Can't wait to see the new fabrics. All the squares I have ordered have been great.
Got my white linen and lime green gingham this weekend. They are great.
Nordstroms had some decent ones last year so I assume they might this year as well.
I love my white Jack Purcells. They are certainly casual but when they get too dirty or a little smelly, in the wash they go. Boat shoes are good as well. I have a pair of Top Siders that get great use in the summer and look better and better with age.
I believe I ndochino has a peak lapel, one button tux with plain front pants. The only catch is the jacket is ventless (which it should be anyways). I have never ordered from Indochino so can't comment on quality but I am sure others here can.
Would loved to have been able to attend. The commute was a little long fron Denver. Would be interested in 44R jackets/suits and 11D shoes. PM me
lots of fleece (patagonia, north face, mountain hardwear) use recycled plastic so this is nothing new
great looking shoes. love the color
I will take the Magannani's if available
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