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I have this vest (purchased from Ich Dien) love it..!!!
damn you for not being a 40r
Good will yet? Just checking. Thanks
Agree smoking price. Classic cucinelli.
Slim as in dont size up. Not trendy slim. Lapel size is 3"+- so is not Thom Browne here...if that helps you.
Caruso. Sid Mashburn's version is similar. His house labels are positioned to compete feature for feature with the next price point up. I would buy one. This or a Norm Hilton. If you hate it, without looking, im sure there is a generous return policy. Thats what i would do. Cheers
Second that please. Thank you.
Agree brutha
Y'all are killing me here with this "Sid-bot" stuff ". aka orig; Thom-bot/thom browne. Ok so maybe there is a bit of affectation. That said I hate to dissapoint but there is no Sid Mashburn look. Just Southern preppy/anglo traditional colors mixed with a healthy obsession of fit and quality. The Sid bot feel boils down to silouhette here (See Matt Photo circled above) if you want to pinch off of his style. Best thing about Sid is my wife knows WHERE to shop i dont...
Hey, I almost snagged that shirt at Niemans Discovery last weekend. Beautiful piece needs to find a good home.
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