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I had about $53K in law school loans when I graduated. Three years later, with timely monthly payments, it's down to $47K *sob* At least the interest on it is low.
I would bookmark this link and use it to plan your way around DC using the Metro: IMO for airports, Reagan National is the most convenient option. I regularly find the $99 one-way flights from Orlando to DCA on AirTran or US Airways.
I thought Radiohead was the pinnacle of modern rock when OK Computer came out, but everything they've done after pales in comparison, IMO. I like the newer stuff but it doesn't blow me away.
Quote: Originally Posted by GQgeek Doh! Quote: Originally Posted by Viktri ouch That's pretty much the response I've been getting. Unless I find a decent non-litigation law job in the near future (U.S. Foreign Service might be one prospect), I'll go back to teaching. Honestly though, teaching wasn't such a bad gig. The place where I taught in the past, I taught both adults and kids, met lots of...
Psychology undergrad, then law school. I appreciate the things I learned, but I'm fairly certain the law ain't for me. My plans are to try to work for a while to pay off debts and expenses, and then go back to the motherland in Asia to teach English as a career.
I forgot about Gatsby. I used it (the 'moving rubber' product) when I lived in Korea and it works well for a strong hold/matte look. It's inexpensive (I think you can find it on eBay) and from Japan, but I think worse for your hair than Fiber. It left my hair feeling dried out.
I remember being freaked out as a kid, watching Apocalypse Now. Also, actually Oldboy is a South Korean flick.
I think this kid might be. A few others: Kotaro Oshio (steel string fingerstyle) Clapton Nick Drake Elliott Smith
I switched from Fiber to American Crew Forming Cream and would recommend it. Adds a bit of shine but it isn't noticeable when it dries.
I might be in the minority but I've found Epiphone pickups to be decent, at least in their $500+ guitars. I once spent a few hundred to change out the pickups on an Epi Sheraton with Gibson Classic '57s, and the difference was disappointingly negligible.
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