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Quote: Originally Posted by Gallardo2501 I'm a big Corvette fan. Dollar for dollar they are the best bang for the buck when it comes to performance (I'm with the masses when it come's to the interior quality, though) you can get right now (particularly used). I've been playing with the idea of of picking up a C5 ZO6 as a new track car, but I think I'm going to go with a third generation RX7 just to have something different. I've seen a few...
Quote: Originally Posted by chrisjustinparr I'd imagine it isn't a very comfortable drive though. There's more to a car being drivable everyday than its miles per gallon number. Well I don't drive mine everyday first of all, it's a summer car that sees the road during weekends in the summer. As to it being comfortable, I didn't buy it for comfort. The performance bang for the buck and styling are what sold me on it. I'm not sure what...
Quote: Originally Posted by jkidd41011 Touche' Vettes aren't meant to be an everyday driver, plus my fiend who owns two has always mainted they get good gas mileage for that much HP. I can get around 29 to 30mpg on the highway at 75mph, it's unbelievable. Gotta love double overdrive
High school - worked a variety of retail positions (bestbuy, staples) I hated it, I couldn't really take pride in anything I did there. College - worked as a graphic designer at a sign shop and interned in a motion picture company in the city
Quote: Originally Posted by Slopho Do you think we need all of them?? I mean I'm content if Vinny dones't come back. Also Angie shouldn't get a second chance. I bet she's really kicking herself for leaving early. I think we do, I think the cast (while not every member was as strong as the situation or pauly) worked well as a whole. -sammie and ronnie will work together to create drama and entertainment and trigger ronnie to get into roid...
Kinda disappointed by this, hopefully they'll at least use the same cast, if they don't, I won't watch it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Gravitas You blind doggie? Corvettes are the ugliest cars on the road. Not to mention the same design mentality as Porsche which I can't stand. Corvettes just scream white trash with money. I'm going to have to disagree with your statement on corvettes being the ugliest cars on the road.
Quote: Originally Posted by Artisan Fan Did you use Zaino? That's my favorite sealant...popular with the Vette crowd among others. Yup, the car was zaino'd last spring, and it still looks fairly fresh.
Quote: Originally Posted by oneeightyseven I've seen this posted in the Cars We Drive already. I posted it there because it's my car, and I found some more pics of it on my comp so I thought I'd create a thread about vettes with them. musicguy- They're stock GM z06 wheels, came on all 01-04 Z06's. I dig them.
Any other vette owners on here? Here's my 02 C5, mostly a summer car that's in storage most of the year here in the northeast. It has coilovers and a heads/cam package waiting for it this spring. Large pics.
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