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Any suggestions on where to find these? EBay supply seems fairly dried up or at least much more expensive than what others have got Kent brushes for.
Worth holding off on the online purchase today to try and get free shipping in store tomorrow?
Thanks - I'm 24 and just starting to build a quality biz casual wardrobe. The trousers seem to be a great deal for the quality and will fashionably last a long time.
I apologize if this has been answered - the thread is massive, but how does the inventory listed on the website compare to the in-store inventory? I'm thinking of picking up a few pairs of trousers for my new job (biz casual - the 120s seem the most versatile) and the website only has a few colors in slim walt 120s. Could the store have more options? I live outside of NYC and would be willing to visit the Manhattan store. Thanks
I have run into very few accountants that care about anything but debits and credits.
Auditing can be really boring at times and somewhat interesting at times. I am almost done with the CPA and approaching my 1 yr since starting in public - top 20 firm. I'm starting the thought process of moving into a more interactive/dynamic position, possibly corporate finance or really any position that involves insight, planning, and using my brain. I feel my business acumen/interest blows most of my co-workers out of the water and I really can't stand the...
Great shoes - as advertised and fast. Peal & co captoe medallion were true to fit in 10D. Thank you - great first buy for me on SF.
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