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Lobbs look to be the Phillip II from the prestige line, great shoe.
Looking for slimmer button down shirts. I mostly own 16-33 brooks brothers slim fit button downs, and looking for something a little more flattering. Also looking for more casual style shirts as well. PM me with waht you have.
Does anyone have their tailor split the waistbands on pants they have that aren't?
Last drop on the Corneliani, it's getting returned this afternoon if there's no interest.
Quote: Originally Posted by habana21 How much for both the belt and tie? Sent you a PM, I will discount for multiple items.
Drops! Going to the post offfice tomorrow and want to ship this stuff!
Quote: Originally Posted by aj_del +100, the sweater is ing beautiful Thanks, theres a lucky new owner now! Price drops on other stuff!
Quote: Originally Posted by Bartolo Interlockingny is a great seller. The boots are too big for me +1, but the boots are too small
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