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Last round of drops, offers welcome
Drops on all items, last drops on ties before Ebay!
Price drops on ties and added Loro Piana Roadsters and shirts!
All items include shipping CONUS, paypal personal payment. As always, please feel free to PM with any questions or offers. Pains me to do this but the fit just isn't right for my feet. All shoes come in a generic box with no shoe bags. All are size 11D. 10.) NIB Barker Black Archdale in Black, size 11D. Sold 11.) NIB Barker Black Archdale in Cedar/Chestnut (not sure of the real name), size 11D. In the interest of full disclosure there is a small flaw on the...
pricing is horrible...make them into a 10EUK and drop them to $50! Kidding, I think the price is great for that shoe barely used, wish it was my size!
Lobbs look to be the Phillip II from the prestige line, great shoe.
Looking for slimmer button down shirts. I mostly own 16-33 brooks brothers slim fit button downs, and looking for something a little more flattering. Also looking for more casual style shirts as well. PM me with waht you have.
Does anyone have their tailor split the waistbands on pants they have that aren't?
Last drop on the Corneliani, it's getting returned this afternoon if there's no interest.
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