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I love the stuff I find at NMLC, like this MTM Kiton Super 180's suit for Allen Stanford. Retail was only 7k suprisingly, the fabric was absolutely insane.
Looking for a 40R solid gray suit (for interviews). PM me with what you have please. Thanks!
Drop! All clothes being returned soon.
Drops! Will make deals for multiple items as well!
Quote: Originally Posted by magogian12345 Can we get a shot of the soles? Thanks Edit: I looked at the previous thread. I'm surprised no one called BigBris out on his "two wear" assertion. With that sole wear, there is no way those were only worn twice. But, don't get me wrong, those are still beautiful shoes. I'm going to have to disagree with you on that one. Those definitely look like two wear shoes, could even pass for one full...
All PM's replied to and more drops!
Added Barker Blacks and drop on the Roadster to make the bump legitimate!
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