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NM has some higher end brands, like Lobb and Tom Ford. Depends what you are looking for. I would go check it out, they are having a sale right now, might have some deals.
the selection and brands are nowhere near neiman marcus. They used to have better stuff but I guss they stopped carrying a lot of it. It's the best place in Philadelphia to shop, one of the only places left. The salesman get mixed reviews for annoyingness, but they've never bothered me. I have only purchased one thing there, a Begg scarf on sale, $40 so I have no complaints. They did start carrying Church's shoes again if that interests you, but the prices are insane.
Are these still the slim fit?
Not sure what the penalty is for cutting off the collar in a store, $200 might not be worth it. The fact that I saw a suit in this fabric may be good news for you, as they may still make the fabric. I must say that it was one of the nicest fabrics I have ever felt.
There is a suit of that exact fabric (MTM for Allen Stanford... at my local NMLC. The only issue is it is over 3K still...
$100 seems reasonable for that work. My tailor is $10 per functional buttonhole.
Quote: Originally Posted by Captain Winky Here's what you want to do before you go in: 1. Have a referral. This helps a lot. 2. Research what the watch goes for in the grey market, you probably won't get 5% more than that off. 3. Decide what you're willing to pay in advance and stick to it. Once inside: 1. Feel out the sales person, your instinct will tell you if they're up for haggling. 2. Tell them that you rarely buy the first time you...
Just curious, what are the tactics to get the best discount? It's kind of difficult to know everything about the pricing and how bad the dealr wants to move it. Any thoughts?
thanks for the replies guys, now I have to figure out a way to tell the gf this to discourage the trip...
Thinking about stopping on my way up to CT, going to be a zoo there?
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