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Quote: Originally Posted by HRoi awesome purchases. do you mind if i ask how your St Crispins fit? true to size? I am a 9.5E in Lobb and G&G and I was comfortable in a 9.F in Saint Crispins. There werent any 9.5 E for me to try on but the 9.5F seemed right.
Sorry for the poor picture quality, these are my new Saint Crsipin's.
Don't quote me on it, but I believe he will arrange to have you picked up if needed. He has details on his website:
Wanted to take a moment to describe my recent experience with Ian Daniels, and echo the praise he has gotten on SF. I arrived for my vacation in Los Angeles on Wednesday afternoon, with the intention of driving to Vegas on Thursday. These plans got cancelled, so my immediate thought was to set up a warehouse appointment with Shop The Finest for Thursday. Ian was great about having me come in on such short notice, and I set up an appointment for 10 Thursday...
Briggs & Riley, best luggage I have owned. great deal at $135
any thoughts from the morning crowd?
Sorry to ressurect, but can anyone speak to the differences between the 57 and the 60? I was in SGH today and tried on the 57 and liked them, but would like to try to 60 for copmarison before taking the plunge. Anyone know any retailers where they have the 60? Thanks for any replies in advance.
I've never seen incotex with that that inside lining. Are they a new model or something just made for the European Market? I'm interested in the measurements.
I have some stains on 100% wool trousers that the dry cleaner has failed to take out. Has anyone used this method for wool trousers? I assume you would have to have them pressed afterwards.
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