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Thanks everyone for the kind words! Price drops on everything that hasn't sold yet!
Many pairs of shoes for sale, one pair new and the rest lightly used. All are pretty true to a size 11D US. None of the shoes come with trees, and box and/or bags are included only as noted. All prices include shipping in the CONUS. Sorry in advance for the not so great pictures, my skills are limited. They do not do these shoes justice at all! I included a lot of them to give as much detail as possible and include the aspects I thought important. Please let me...
Definitely call and schedule an appointment, I assume there are people there most regular business hours so timing shouldn't be an issue. I would try to give them at least a days notice out of courtesy.
Quote: Originally Posted by Viral care to disclose the damage on the shoes and pants respectively? Sure, everything is the same price as on his website, no different by shopping in person. 599 for the shoes and the pants were I think 139 or 149. I think those are great prices. Anyone know what Valentini pants retail for, and where they are even sold in the US?
Thank you for the kind words everyone!
Quote: Originally Posted by HRoi awesome purchases. do you mind if i ask how your St Crispins fit? true to size? I am a 9.5E in Lobb and G&G and I was comfortable in a 9.F in Saint Crispins. There werent any 9.5 E for me to try on but the 9.5F seemed right.
Sorry for the poor picture quality, these are my new Saint Crsipin's.
Don't quote me on it, but I believe he will arrange to have you picked up if needed. He has details on his website: http://www.shopthefinest.com/t-warehouse.aspx
Wanted to take a moment to describe my recent experience with Ian Daniels, and echo the praise he has gotten on SF. I arrived for my vacation in Los Angeles on Wednesday afternoon, with the intention of driving to Vegas on Thursday. These plans got cancelled, so my immediate thought was to set up a warehouse appointment with Shop The Finest for Thursday. Ian was great about having me come in on such short notice, and I set up an appointment for 10 Thursday...
Briggs & Riley, best luggage I have owned.
New Posts  All Forums: