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Thanks for all of the replies, much appreciated. My wife mentioned going to Frontera Grill, is it a good option? I'd love to try Topolobampo but it looks to be tough to get a reservation.
Wife and I are heading to Chicago Fri-Sun and I am looking for lunch recommendations for Fri and Sat. We have dinner lined up at Girl and the Goat Friday and Sepia on Saturday. We are staying at the Westin on Michigan Ave, so any spots close to that would be great. Looking for anything from pizza to a sit down meal on the pricier side. Thanks in advance.
Thanks for the suggestion, will give it a shot. I didn't think polish would actually change the color enough.
I have pair of John Lobb oxfords in Chocolate Lord Calf, and am having the hardest time matching a belt to them as they aren't really brown or burgundy. Anyone have shoes in this color? If so, what color belt or what specific belt do you wear with them? Thanks in advance!
Going to NYC tomorrow-Sun, don't have any reservations for dinner. Any good recommendations? I have eaten at Ssam Bar, Spotted Pig, and The Breslin all without reservations. Thinking about trying Locanda Verde as they said they always leave tables for walk-ins, although not easy to get. Thanks in advance!
Can't believe these aren't gone yet...get some 10.5's!!
I stopped by STF this past week while in LA. As always, Ian was a pleasure to converse and do business with, and his inventory and prices are truly incredible. I did see the Cucinelli bag posted above, and it is very nice.
Thank you for the response, I will definitely try to check one of those out. Anyone else? Is Elements worth a try?
Hi All, Going to be in the Scottsdale area for the next few weeks, and I'm looking for some restaurant recommenations, all prices and genres. I have done someresearch, but looking for some recomendations if you have any. Thanks in advance.
Sorry to resurrect an old thread. Does the model have a large impact on the amount ADs are willnig to discount Rolex? I am thinking of a GMT II in SS, but since this is a popular model I was wondering if any discount is still possible. Thanks in advance.
New Posts  All Forums: