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Looking for size 11 US shoes, preferable english makers. Thanks!
pm sent!
Can I get an opinion on these loafers? -Who makes them for Ralph Lauren? -How are they welted? -Good quality/worth the price? http://www.amazon.com/Ralph-Lauren-T...5120274&sr=1-1 Thanks!
Looking for Size 11D shoes in either new or good shape. Prefer leather soles. Looking for all brands, if you have anything let me know. Thanks!
The girlfriend and I are planning a trip to NYC in the next few weeks, and I was wondering where would be a great(reasonable) place to stay that is close to great stores (both male and female). I am mostly looking for a few new pairs of shoes (possibly C&J, Church's, Santoni) Recommendations on where to stay and what stores to go to? Also, if there are any good sales or discount stores (Filene's?) to check out that are worth it let me know please! Thanks!
Thanks for the responses! Will definitely be doing some searching now...
I am in the market for an Italian dress loafer, and am torn between the two brands. I have had the opportunity to try on Santonis and they felt fantastic, and will be trying Ferragamos shortly. I have a few questions regarding these shoes before I make a purchasing decision. 1. I am looking for a leather sole option, does one brand do this better than the other and are they recraftable like my Aldens are? 2. Are there different grades of these brands as...
Thanks for the quick reply! Mine is actually not a trench but a full overcoat, a trench is next on the list! Any chance any one here knows if someone is making these for Burberry? Thanks!
Hi Everyone, new member and first time poster. I was hoping someone here could help with a few questions I have. I recently purchased a 100% wool tan Burberry overcoat. I got it for $350 and think it was a pretty good deal. My questions are: 1. Is $350 a good price for this coat. 2. It has a tag "made in USA." Is this of lesser quality than the ones made overseas, and is Burberry having someone make this coat for them? Thanks in advance!
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