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Shoes 11D Please PM!
I would really like a pair of Barker Black Archdales in chestnut to fit a US 11! Thanks! Blake
Thank you! Great link!
Thanks for the quick response! Anyone have a guide with pictures?
Hey everyone, I'm hoping you can help me out and provide me a link to a good way to take my measurements. Is there a standard measurement rule that is used on B&S here? I usually go to the store and purchase clothing, but seeing the wealth of good stuff on B&S I'd like to start taking advantage of it. P.S. I did try the search function but couldnt find anything concrete so help would be appreciated.
Looking for size 11 US shoes, preferable english makers. Thanks!
pm sent!
Can I get an opinion on these loafers? -Who makes them for Ralph Lauren? -How are they welted? -Good quality/worth the price? Thanks!
Looking for Size 11D shoes in either new or good shape. Prefer leather soles. Looking for all brands, if you have anything let me know. Thanks!
The girlfriend and I are planning a trip to NYC in the next few weeks, and I was wondering where would be a great(reasonable) place to stay that is close to great stores (both male and female). I am mostly looking for a few new pairs of shoes (possibly C&J, Church's, Santoni) Recommendations on where to stay and what stores to go to? Also, if there are any good sales or discount stores (Filene's?) to check out that are worth it let me know please! Thanks!
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