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Purchased pants from AJL, great item and great seller, fast shipping too!
Doesn't neccessarily matter, just curious. New to this scene so building my knowledge base. Quote: Originally Posted by rebel222 Why does the maker matter if they are quality shoes?
I love the look of the shoes, jsut want to confirm them aker before I take the plunge!
Do you mean Bing cashback?
Can anyone confirm who makes these shoes for Borrelli? I know Sutor makes someof their shoes but these don't look like any Sutors I have seen before. Thanks in advance! http://cgi.ebay.com/New-1000-Borrell...item5ad4d808e6
interlockingny, jtoddaz, and window are all great sellers!
NOLA1, great seller, fast shipping!
Shoes 11D Please PM!
I would really like a pair of Barker Black Archdales in chestnut to fit a US 11! Thanks! Blake
Thank you! Great link!
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