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They came out great, way to bring them back!
I've never owned a suede shoe before but this thread may change my mind!
I find Aldens to be much more comfortable than AE's, but it may just be my feet. On another note, I find Alden lasts to be a bit chunky for my liking, so I dont really wear mine much anymore.
Purchased pants from AJL, great item and great seller, fast shipping too!
Doesn't neccessarily matter, just curious. New to this scene so building my knowledge base. Quote: Originally Posted by rebel222 Why does the maker matter if they are quality shoes?
I love the look of the shoes, jsut want to confirm them aker before I take the plunge!
Do you mean Bing cashback?
Can anyone confirm who makes these shoes for Borrelli? I know Sutor makes someof their shoes but these don't look like any Sutors I have seen before. Thanks in advance!
interlockingny, jtoddaz, and window are all great sellers!
NOLA1, great seller, fast shipping!
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