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damn, no 10.5. I definitely recommend sizing down a half size, I have tried these on before and that was the case. These shoes are definitely on my list...
Quote: Originally Posted by cwh812 That's great. I've had a similar transformation, but over the course of 3.5 years. I went from Kenneth Coles (probably the same models as yours) in '06 and '07 and then "updgraded" to Ferragamos studio line (I had probably 5 pairs) along with Cole Haan's and a pair of Gucci loafers - these are the shoes most people I work with wear. I found StyleForum about a year ago. I now have two pairs of EG's (and another on...
I've got the "mirror" shine thing going on my shoes finally, and am wondering what I do now for future polishing sessions? Do i use the Saphir Wax and brush with a horsehair brush? Do i not brush and just shine clean with a cotton cloth? How often do I clean with conditioner?
Does anyone have experience with the Barker Black shoe trees? If so, can you please post a picture? Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker I wasnt the biggest monkstrap fan... but your shoe style is very close to mine, and the RLPL Narvells make me regret not getting a monkstrap sooner. Seems like monks are something that come along as you progress in the shoe world, I'm sure it won't be long...
Quote: Originally Posted by distinctive Great stuff Blake, especially those Lobbs Thanks David, the color on them is great and they are very comfortable.
Quote: Originally Posted by AJL Nice shooz. Also enjoying the doggie in avatar; he looks like an amusing little fellow. Thanks, he's great, and the good news for me is he doesn't chew shoes!
I do want a pair of suede, possible a chocolate brown. I am not a huge fan of monkstraps, but also haven't had the chance to try a nice pair on, so it is something I plan on doing in the near future. The unfortunate thing about where I live is the lack of availablity to great shoes.
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Your black Barker Blacks dont deserve shoe trees? They have a set of trees too, I was just putting toungue pads in them and forgot to put them back in for the picture. Do the type of trees matter? I feel as though the ones with the thin wooden heel strecth the shoes oddly and the ones with the full heel fit the shoe much better? Any thoughts on this or am I seeing things?
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