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Drops on everything!
Drops! Feel free to make offers!
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker GTL baby. Make sure you use the dryer at the "L". You can just replace the "T" with Tailor...
Quote: Originally Posted by Francisco nice jacket!! Thanks! Updated with measurements.
All items include shipping CONUS, paypal personal please. Feel free to pm me with any questions or offers. Also, sorry my pictures suck. 1) I came home with this and my girlfriend nearly killed me, so I'm reluctantly posting it here. For sale is a NWT heather gray Loro Piana Made in Italy 100% cashmere sweater, size 50 (40 US). This thing is seriously think, puts the Roadster to shame! I wish there was a way to capture in pictures how thick this thing is. ...
PatriotsFan and AnGeLiCbOrIs, great sellers!
PM sent on 11D's!
Can you post a fit pic of the BV coat? Thanks
Paypal sent!
damn, no 10.5. I definitely recommend sizing down a half size, I have tried these on before and that was the case. These shoes are definitely on my list...
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