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Are people just sending him money? I inquired by PM two weeks ago and heard nothing from him.
I use C&J dark brown paste wax. Works well and I have no problems with dryness or inability to achieve a shine.
Polo Blue Label. I'm into my third year with some after wearing them on average once a week. They still look fine. Home launder, high efficiency machine, detergent is Tide Free. Iron on high heat, no starch. Brooks brothers luxury line also holds up well but they are considerably more expensive. The shirts I'm referring to are blues and patterned blues. Whites would not last as long because discoloration is more obvious.
Samuel Parker is a joke. Last time I was in there he anchored the store with Polo Ralph Lauren (Blue Label) because he was familiar with the brand after wholesaling it in a prior career. The brand "sells itself" he said.Although that's true to some extent, you can find everything he sells for far less money on Ralph's own website during any of the various sales RL runs throughout the year.He also sells (or sold) Hilditch & Key shirts. He was asking $200+ for them. These,...
Please PM me if you have USA's in a 36 you're trying to offload.
Black Shell Cordovan Longwing New in Box Made in USA by Alden; Designed by Thom Browne In keeping with Thom Browne's design aesthetic, each shoe has a small black leather pull tab at the top of the heel. Sorry the pictures don't show it. Last: Grant Double Leather Sole Includes original box and gray flannel shoe bags. Box is a little beat up but the shoes are pristine. *I wear a 9D in the Barrie last and a 9.5D in the Ralph Lauren Marlow Wingtip. These are sized...
Apologies if this has been asked, but what last are these on? Thanks.
New website is live.
Why does an overcoat need to be canvassed ? I can understand why suit and odd jackets are canvassed but it isn't clear to me what the benefit is of canvassing an overcoat.
Ralph Lauren Black Label Dress Shirt 16.5 neck, 35 sleeve Button cuff; Mother of Pearl buttons Worn, but no stains. Plenty of life left in it.
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