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Does Formosa make overcoats?
They are very easy to work with. Either call the main store directly or send an e-mail. I've never waited more than two hours for a response by e-mail. Ask for Rui or Tero. Their customer service is exemplary.As long as their e-commerce platform requires shipping to and from Japan, ordering online is a fools game.
Buy direct from the NYC store. They charge a nominal fee for shipppng but you don't have to worry about shipping back to Japan in the event of a return.
I see your point. But I'll make mine again by saying that your comment is exactly what the casino depends on. By that I mean someone needs to blow the casino's horn and talk about how much loot they won. If no one did that, eventually people would realize that they're guaranteed to lose. People only gamble when there is some chance, however slight, of winning.Eventually, someone has to win. That's what keeps the dream alive for both the gambler and the casino.
Of course they aren't ones you would've selected. They're ugly. That's why they offer three for $100. They give you one staple which they know you will love and two from stagnant inventory.It's a dice game. Dice games aren't designed to benefit the roller. They're designed to benefit the casino.
Polo Ralph Lauren Marlow Wingtip Made from shell cordovan by Crockett & Jones in Northhampton, United Kingdom These retail for $1,350 on Ralph Lauren's website and in the stores. Size: 9.5D; Euro 43 The soles are brand new because I sent these to the Crockett & Jones factory in England to have them reburbished. At the factory they were stripped down, re-welted, re-corked, re-soled and re-heeled on their original last. Comes with original Ralph Lauren shoe bags.
Why not just call them and ask? They're quite happy to help people over the phone.
Isaia Overcoat Color: Camel Size: Euro 52 (US 42) 100% wool Three-quarter length - hem ends just above the knee Three button front - lapel rolls to the second button. When worn, it looks like a 3-roll-2. Natural shoulder, shaped at the waist Made in Italy Measurements: Shoulder: 18 3/4 Sleeve: 26 1/8 Chest: 22 Length (TOC): 40 1/2
Men's Patagonia Down Sweater New with tags Color: Hickory Size: Medium $135 shipped CONUS.
If I wear a 9D in Alden's Barrie last, what size is most similar in Vass' New Peter last? 43, 43.5, or something else? Thanks.
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