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Set of genuine horn buttons in dark brown. Includes 3 large buttons for the front of a jacket and 8 sleeve buttons. The large are 20mm, the smalls are 15mm across. All are 5mm thick.
Does NMWA sell the camel colored coat at the top of this page? http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/makers/makersinfo/view/id/143/
In the comments section here, on December 22, Nick Hoween says "No Lexol!" on cordovan. http://horween.com/products/brownout/
For a special makeup, would anyone be interested in a snuff suede longwing blucher, commando sole, barrie last, antique edge trim, agatine eyelets? This would be for delivery in the fall. PM if interested. Thanks.
Great point. Thanks.
Does it make sense to condition leather soles with, say, Renovateur or a similar product? They're leather, so why wouldn't they require the same care and attention that the uppers require?
Here is the one in your picture
If you're a size 40R, 44L or 46L, you should be jumping at the Byron coat. The photo of the tag in the spoiler photo says "floating chestpiece, canvas construction." The stitching for the lining of the jacket is too imprecise to have been done by machine. I'm guessing it was done by hand. I don't where else you will find an new with tags, Italian made, canvassed jacket in a staple color for $199.
Great tip. Thanks.
Is there a link that allows you to see the entire Natural Craftsmanship collection at once ? There was at one time, now it seems to be gone. If you type "Natural Craftsmanship" into the search box, nothing comes up. I'll just say that I HATE Brooks' website. Slow and hard to use.
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