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EA fits slim, so if you are a 40 us you may need a 42 in EA, the quality is nothing to right home about, its not horrible by any means, but you can do better for that price, the ebay seller mptobis and the ebay seller vipcouture tend to have quite a few sutis in stock and generally at a decent price, both are great sellers and easy to do business with.
Quote: Originally Posted by Professor Chaos About 10% of men like to fuck other men, and not women. A much larger, but difficult to estimate, percent, like to fuck both men and women. Source?
As a student I have to say that how my professor dresses plays a large role in my overall opinion of them, I tend to respect the professors that at least dress decently much more than the ones who obviously look like they just don't care. A big factor in my initial sartorial reaction to a new professor generally involves sizing up the quality and probable cost of their ensemble and then measuring it against my own ensemble, if I decide that I am better dressed I...
Gah, now I wont be satisfied until I have buttons like that
depends on who you are going out with, are you going out with 20 somethings college students, try a solid v-neck t-shirt, although it is preferable that it is a silk or cashmere t-shirt (Giorgio Armani has an amazing Cashmere t-shirt) If you are going out with an older crowd than dress shirts are the way to go, drop by neiman marcus last call or nordstrom rack and look for something classic, you could likely pick up a 200-400 dollar shirt for 60-120ish look for canali,...
The best lining are the wild silk etro ones and the ones that say 'Bijan' on them
Nice Haul. I picked up a jhane barnes(for neiman marcus made in the U.S.) sportcoat with pockets still sewn shut, it looks like somebody bought it never wore it, go tfat and donated it, while not normally a brand I bother with for 5 bucks I figured it would be good to pick up.
Nice haul
Nothing spectacular tihs go-around, I got two work shirts, A diesel supershirt and a light blue christian dior monsieur shirt.(5 and 3) (Off of flea-bay I also picked up a Dolce and Gabanna V-neck sweater and a Just Cavalli casual button front I had my eye on since the run-way 2 years ago for 20 and 40 a piece)
If you have time to kill read thorugh a few of the comments on the article. Some people are jsut plain retarded.
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