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Quote: Originally Posted by mellowfellow Proxy anyoneeeee!?!?!?
Will there be a restock in the Sugarcane 2009's?
Sugar Cane 2009's are a great summer jean, problem is that most sizes are sold out. Especially in size 28
Quote: Originally Posted by Brookshiii Oh my god, I love those jeans. But the price tag is kinda heavy for me. 511 is pretty slim, if the cut is too skinny for you just go to 514
Still looks like shit
Quote: Originally Posted by landshark I'm looking for a decent pair of black pants. I already have black dress pants, so I'm looking for a sort of chino, rugged daily wear type of pants. I prefer a narrow fit, and if I could find something with the same fit as the current Banana Republic straight/vintage straight fit I would be really happy. You mean jeans...? Try these
Will do, thank you again for enduring my n00bness.
Thank you sir, after all the great feedback he has been getting I've kind of been looking for an excuse to use him. And last question, it's in Japanese sizing correct? And does that usually mean size up 1,2,3...?
Quote: Originally Posted by MortyGras It isn't loopwheeler per se, but Barnes produces quite a few loopwheeled t-shirts, henleys and sweaters. Here: So do i need to use a proxy to order this?
Where can i find loopwheeler stateside or online?
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