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Whats the word on the latest batch of shirts? Ordered mine first week of May just for reference.
Price DRopped on Gitman Pants added
PRice Dropped on both
Gitman Bros Vintage Plaid sz S BNWOT Bought from member acw816 and tried on once, not feeling the colors on me... Measurements: Shoulders - 17 P2P - 19 $95---> $90--->$85 shipped CONUS JCrew Chords Vintage Slims Size 30x30 Brown, BNWT $25---> $20 Shipped Conus BNWT Bowery Cotton Twill in Urban Slim Fit Retail for $69.50 $50 Shipped CONUS
Order has been placed, now the waiting begins...
I'm only commenting again to express how excited i am... willy i think there may be a few more blackouts around this time.
I almost shed a tear of joy when i saw this, and yes i will be going into temporary debt to purchase a TOJ0.
Quote: Originally Posted by mr.loverman the reason i stayed out of the j. crew thread is because those guys seem like they are obsessed with the shit already. didn't really think i would get an honest opinion. All that is discussed in that thread is fit and quality...
Quote: Originally Posted by Blog Marley I broke out my red chambray for the first time today and noticed how ridiculously baggy the sleeves were, have any of you gotten them altered/tailored? (I bought my typical J. Crew size, -1 from my normal size) I should be getting mine back from the tailor today, I got a small but it was huge all around so i basically had him chop it up. I had him taper the sleeves bring in the sides and shorten the...
I'm currently in process of buying one via proxy, still dont know if it'll be Barns or LoopWheeler. Will update when I have all the details
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