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Austin seems to me the winner here, having lived in Texas my whole life (Houston and Austin) I have seen both sides of the Texas spectrum. Everything you listed the fitness, mom and pop restaurants, pretty woman are in abundance in Austin. You will find your fair share of hippiness but I think its a little refreshing when compared to other parts of Texas. I can't really speak for Dallas since I have only visited, but when I did all I seemed to see was douchey True Religion...
Drop on Watch straps/ combo added Drop on Gitman TOJ0 being added later tonight
TOJ0 Anniversary Edition size 46 +0.5 Length SOLD Gitman Bros Vintage Sold Rugby Ralph Lauren Shawl Collar Pullover Sold BNWT Bowery Cotton Twill in Urban Slim Fit Retail for $69.50 $40 Shipped COnus Slighty Used APC New Standards Tagged Waist 28 Actual Waist 29.25 Hemmed to 30 length SOLD J Crew Watch Straps SOLD
Another big drop
^^^ Would sell to as_ again, paid super fast. Also knat is great to do business with, very understanding when things went wrong with the USPS.
Big drop i need this gone.
It hurts my brain to try and imagine all the awesome stuff TOJ will soon bestow upon us...
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