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I really wanted to see if i could find some gt's or iron rangers or pretty much any sf approved model for my girlfriend... Is my only option to proxy some from japan to fit her? She has a tiny foot at womens size 6
Thanksgiving Break Price DRops
Big Drops, I want to sell these quick
All Sold!
Last price drop!
lefty, My girlfriend and i just rescued a female shepherd mix (we think) puppy. She gets pretty kinda motion sick during car rides and usually throws up. I read that ginger snaps are a good cure for this, can you confirm or deny, or provide other advice for this?
Price drop to $235 probably going to keep if it doesnt sell at this price.
Brand new TOJ0 Size 46 with 1" added in length Bought from user here who didn't wear due to incorrect sizing, and has only been worn once by me around my house. Red body with cream sleeves. Need money bad for traffic ticket. Warrants are soon to come $250-->$235--> $225 Shipped CONUS Shoulders: 17.5" Pit2Pit: 20.2" Body Length Front: 22.0" Body Length Back: 23.8" Sleeves from Shoulder: 25.0"
Mellow what jacket is that? Last fit
No new thread? I really want the new varsity but low on funds, can't decide to sell my old red/cream sleeved one for an all black... Suggestions?
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