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$20 drop
Quote: Originally Posted by click here anyone? please... Nope, a quick google search reveals that size 43 = around 12 1/2 US. You need a 40 or 41.
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one I'm not sure a new varsity will appear. It would depend on demand (and that means I'd need tons of people emailing me asking about them, not posting in the the thread - I've learned my lesson about that), because the money I make on them is not considerable enough to keep making them worth it. I have high labor costs that I can't really change. Sooooo I should initiate Raglan Varsity email requests now...
Quote: Originally Posted by Prada_Ferragamo What brands are you looking for? Junya, Vivsm, stuff like that... I don't live anywhere near them and I know they sell out really fast when the new seasons come out. Just trying to get a better understanding of where everyone is getting all this stuff
Is there a thread with links/info on where to buy certain brands? Sufu has one that is slighty kept up with but an up to date one would be nice
So if i sleep on the Raglan Winter Varsities, will some non WV appear? Texas just doesnt get cold enough for the heavier weight... sigh
Do the new WV have better range of motion in the shoulders? My last one gave me trouble tying my shoes and attempting other pleblike activities.
Brand New Timex x J Crew Military Watch SOLD
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