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Posts by TotesMcGotes$PD$ Spiewak Putnam Field Jacket, anyone have any experience with one of these? I am thinking of purchasing a small one.
Quote: Originally Posted by mlyngard Have you considered some of the other sub-$200 brands out there? 3sixteen, Dunderdon, that new EP line from Epaulet, Simon Miller, Tellason? I have not really looked into any of these, is there a jean in this list that is most preferred, or one that works with my build. 5'9" 145lbs. 30W ?
I can't decide between the A.P.C. New Standards or the Naked and Famous WeirdGuy Indigo Selvedge. Any help?
Brand New In Box: Supra Thunder Skytop Royal Blue, U.S. Men's 9.5 Tried on once but didn't fit right- Asking $50 Brand New Without Box: Von Zipper Papa G Polarized Sunglasses- Asking $100 I'm not sure how to post the pics so I made a Flickr photostream of the two items.
I am looking for a slim jacket, and some sort of boot. I am a relatively small person (5'9 145lbs. 30w) I would really like some Red Wing Iron Rangers but I don't know if i want to spend that much yet, does anyone know about the J Crew Mcallister boots? Also I like this Ralph Lauren Shirt Sweatshirt combo, but I am afraid it will be baggy and I will just look like a hobo, anyone know how these fit?
I have been reading SF for about a year now and I finally feel like I have a valid question to ask. That being said, I would like to purchase a Shawl Pullover sweater and I was looking at in Grey Heather. Does anyone have one of these, or have advice on a better shawl around the same price range?
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