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Drops on Artists, NDG measurements added
Added Artist denim, dropped NDG
MAKR Sold Drop on NDG
Hard decision between Maroon and plain Grey... Also probably a dumb question but is there a benefit, pro/con of tweed over non?
What is a DA/SA and LEM? I know less than I thought, you have humbled me sir.
These guys have shown up at my local range.
I plan on shooting it this weekend at my local range. But I have a lot of experience with Glocks because my Dad has a few and its not my favorite pistol I have shot... How do you feel about the Sig now?
I'm about to purchase my first gun... That being said I have a lot of experience with pistols, being around them since I was 12, I'm 21 now. I've shot everything from Glock 19 to Springfield XDM to a Knighthawk Talon. I've done a good amount of research and since I am getting this as a gift I have a decent amount to spend... Just wondering what you guys thought about an HK P30 as the first one I actually own. Any suggestions on other guns or on the HK are welcome. Just...
All payments through paypal. Send as gift or +4% Will provide tracking All are BNWT J Crew S/S 2011 Retail Store Ties Each retails for $59.95 $30 for 1 $50 for 2 Blue and Red Plaid, Dark Grey & Blue Plaid Sold Might even drop more off if more than 2 are bought Shipping to CONUS BNWT Ray Ban Clubmasters bought from J Crew retail at $145 $105 Shipped CONUS http://www.jcrew.com/mens_category/a...9362/19362.jsp Don't have a picture now but I can provide if needed, but...
Benefit of going for a tweed one?
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