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Paypal only Add 4% for fees or send as gift Will ship CONUS free extra for International Self Edge x Sugar Cane SEXSC06 sz. 28 Bought these about a year ago on SuFu but I don't wear them at all When bought they had about 10 wears (as claimed by original owner) and I added 10 more at most. Slight fading and honeycombs have started but nothing really at all. Only touched water on initial soak by first owner not me. Measurements BiG Style: Waist (Measured across):...
New thread because i can't edit my old one, but BNWT Ray Ban Clubmasters Bought from J Crew for $149.99 $100---$90 shipped CONUS
Ties sold, Clubmasters dropped
Added Clubmasters and dropped Ties
Drops on Ties, denim too its a steal at this price
measurements on A.P.C.'s?
Added 5 J Crew Ties BNWT
More drops, probably only one more drop on these things
Both Dropped to $120, offers welcome
New Posts  All Forums: