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adidas norton lo ii (tan/navy) -- not the re-edition "nrtn" shit, but the real deal: immaculate design and as durable as it gets for a sneaker.
stadium star 1983, my favorites: white/navy/black
Quote: Originally Posted by cloonz hey there is a lot of shit you can do with boxes for example: you can put stuff in them and probably some other stuff you do know how small these specific boxes are, don't you? mind you, i too collect leica products, but the quoted purchases are a bit "rich" (not judging, just saying). didn't want to hijack the thread, however. i like the service boots, but wouldn't pay the price they usually command --...
skimming through the thread, i see some people criticize the price / value of these boots, and the hype surrounding them. while i personally am inclined to share this point of view, at least you can wear them and thus put them to use. check these auctions to see what "burning money" actually means: it's a leica thing -- you wouldn't understand.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tibor I have been Listening to Shake Your Pants by Cameo none stop 2nite. That is the reason I am still up a 6:54 am!!!! you just made it into my book of cool people. cheers and w.o.r.d. up⇪
Quote: Originally Posted by Tidybeard Well, I think I have proved it's certainly not for me. (Edit - I am at least creative enough to know that sentences begin with capital letters). i prefer minuscules. your comeback wasn't very good, to be honest. however, if you insist on that type of humor, i suggest you take a look at »the aristocrats«"”it should prove helpful on how to be both nasty and entertaining.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tidybeard I may have made some of the wife part up..... nevermind, it still is a pathetic read. creative writing is not for everyone.
i prefer non-alcoholic beverage -- tastes better.
Quote: Originally Posted by snake WWM = woolrich woolen mills thanks. mine is actually u.s. army dead stock. but there's some nice stuff @ woolrich, i'll keep an eye out for their articles, cheers.
Quote: Originally Posted by snake Not unless it's the WWM field pant! care to help me out with the abbreviation? i have trouble decoding the "m" part, thanks.
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