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Quote: Originally Posted by snake WWM = woolrich woolen mills thanks. mine is actually u.s. army dead stock. but there's some nice stuff @ woolrich, i'll keep an eye out for their articles, cheers.
Quote: Originally Posted by snake Not unless it's the WWM field pant! care to help me out with the abbreviation? i have trouble decoding the "m" part, thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rosenberg i dont think youll be getting too many supporters on that one that's fine with me -- i came here to look for info, not for support.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rosenberg come on man, suzuki is wearing cargo pants. do you mean to tell me you'd rather wear cargo pants than jeans? i do, in fact.
Quote: Originally Posted by mlyngard These new JCrew Red Wing boots are drool-worthy in person. Tried them on this weekend. Full grain. Very thick leather. Non-lined. Both leather and cotton laces. Offered in three colors, although the 'Dark Wood' finish (the only one displayed in the store) is a beautiful burgundy-brown color. I have a hard time giving in to JCrew, but these boots are beautiful. Shame they're a JCrew special. $225...
Quote: Originally Posted by acidicboy Onitsuka Mexico 66 absolutely, great pick ... i sense another bruce lee fan here. the undisputed #1 is adidas norton lo ii, however (original edition) -- hands down. despite being a 1990s model, nothing comes close design wise (cream suede / navy canvas). it was love at first sight when i saw them in the window of a record / skater store in 1993 (the first shoes i bought on impulse as a high school...
Quote: Originally Posted by Twotone For 100 euro you may be able to find a nice leather strap. Twotone why not try swatch? most of their models are below $ 100, if i'm not mistaken. granted, it's a swiss manufacturer, but most people in the usa won't be able to tell the difference between germany and switzerland. baresolid is correct: if you pick the original german name, go with "köln," as "koln" is incorrect.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr.K Thanks to some selling on Ebay and some B-Day money I was able to get a few new things. I picked up a pair of Herring Calf Brogue Boots. beautiful.
Quote: Originally Posted by MetroStyles ftfy by the way, from which video clip is the screen cap taken? thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by romafan Hypothetically speaking, if we were to wash together, we would wear together the thread title is more than fitting then.
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