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word. a prime example of how not to crosspost ...
old thread, new question: i've been eyeing the grenson jacobs lately -- has anybody had any experience with them, quality wise and regarding wear comfort? thanks a lot. grenson jacobs (the boot version is usually referred to as "brown, aviator leather"):
excellent, much appreciated.
the pants look interesting -- care to share what they are / a link? thanks.
it isn't, as the pronunciation is different. but french is not for everybody.
thanks for the naija designer heads up. url for gozi/u.mi-1:
Quote: Originally Posted by Crane's This needs to be balanced out a bit so it makes sense to people. [...] (abbreviated) +10
Quote: Originally Posted by Crane's Nice. Over the years I've kept an eye open for an M3 or M4 at a good price. I've been told by a few people that the M3 is the epitome of film cameras. thanks -- it sure is helpful when shooting pictures. however, i think you put it perfectly in one of the very early posts in this thread regarding (un)importance of equipment (i think on page 1 or 2), and i too try following that path.
time: november 25, 2005 @ 04:30 am camera: leica m 3 (1966) lens: leitz summilux-m 35mm/1.4 (1966) film: kodak tmax 3200 professional exposure: 5.6 · 1/125 sec
some leica equipment:
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