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late reply, but here goes: according to salt optic's site, it's the "lester" model:
nia long, rather. does anybody know what brand cheadle's sunglasses are that he wore in the last episode? doesn't have to be exact, similar would be fine, too -- thanks a lot!
i take it you're not "ethnic" then? you'd be the first person who could pull that off.op never mentioned not washing the polo -- this is a prime example of unrelated personal issues added to the mix. cheers.which is what so many people do in regard to (work)boots that have originally been intended as workwear -- reinterpretations are perfectly legitimate, ultimately it depends on how good it looks on the wearer. then again, polos are not my cup of tea, anyway.
£195.00 and only uk size 11 vailable (would be eu 45-ish and us 12) -- plus, i'm not a fan of commando soles on monkey boots (despite the fact that they were part of the former czechoslovakia's army uniform).
from what i have gathered, the chinese and japanese beg to differ -- these treaties established a quasi-colonial rule.their uniforms became widely popular in france, yes ... however, the necktie/cravat still originated in croatia, the fact that it was recognized by non-croats somewhere else isn't a contradiction.actually, it's perfectly fine to stick to the u.s. when it comes to oppression and state-sponsored terrorism -- no need to point elsewhere.
check this (applies both to china and japan):
au contraire.
the op posed a perfectly legitimate question and it's no surprise many a westerner fails to recognize it -- big deal, it's something that was known before. despite english retaining much of its status, chinese will probably surpass it -- the chinese presence in the emerging markets is too dominant to pass up this opportunity. in theory, hindi could be a contender, but india will stick to english as the lowest common denominator.
funny guy. the beard is ace, though.
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