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so do i when i'm in the mood. there was a time -- when ruthless records was still in business -- when i would buy every single new release on vinyl, album, ep or maxi single, by all the associated artists. good times, indeed -- still have all the records."straight outta compton" ... played the taped album up and down in my parents' art nouveau café in croatia back in 1988 ... talk about a contrasting mash-up, haha ...
there were a few jamming transmitters in scandinavia doing the same thing, thus blocking eastern european / soviet frequencies. a norwegian friend of mine told me about it.
read his username. word.
great username and profile picture!
and indeed they are -- i have recently bought three pairs of vintage boots (two german, one british), two of which i believe are military or combat boots, and they shoud date back to the 1930s - 1950s.soles are worn out, but the leather is still in very good condition -- applied some dubbin and now they look much better. german craftsmanship is top notch.once i've brought them to a cobbler and had them resoled, they'll be real "baller" boots (genuine value as opposed to...
they run one size large, very comfortable with thick socks. i just wiped them a bit -- they're new old stock (-> nos).
vintage nos german army boots (bundeswehr-schnürstiefel, knöchelhoch), from 1966 (they kept the wehrmacht / world war ii design until the late 1960s). price was € 30, including shipping -- they usually end up in the € 90 - € 120 range for eu size 42 / us size 9. original box included -- manufactured by johann ott schuhfabrik (now defunct), rubber soles by melangit gummifabrik (now defunct).
that's brilliantly surmised.
wonderful, indeed -- just the way sleek boots should look. some more info on the pants, please?
this is only partially correct: the northern part of japan has comparatively cold climate, whereas the southern part is rather hot.plus, the japanese buy military-themed clothing for style and fashion purposes, regardless of the amounts of technical specs and info tidbits the sellers use to present the items. it's modern japanese business folklore.
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