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orhan pamuk, yes -- worth noting that his family name means "cotton" in turkish -- and he lived in frankfurt for many years, best city there is -- generally recommended, the man.
haha, tell me about it! i decided to reorganize my wardrobe two years ago and started with the foundation -- the feet. pm with picture links sent.
awesome!i went the other way and buy quality boots made in germany and great britain, exclusively, nothing from overseas -- with one notable exception: a pair of red wing mocassin toes.johann ott - combat boots for the german army (bundeswehr) from 1966, black color, new old stock when i bought themjohn spencer - ankle hiking/ski boots from 1943, black colorunknown manufacturer - german hiking boots from the 1950s, burgundy color, new old stock when i bought themunknown...
anything by raymond queneau -- start with "zazie in the metro" or "excercises in style" -- and if you can, read it in french, because that's what's up.
i recently bought a pair of boots for € 40 -- it turned out that there was a company name stamped onto the insole: "j. spencer & co. ltd." with the year "1943". size 7, i assume the company is british, perhaps? would anyone here know anything about said company/factory? google search turned up one semi-relevant hit about a patent for steel shafting ... thanks much in advance (pictures below):
first page of the thread, first post -- all the info you need. that's why it pays to read the op!
overpriced. the trainers sell for € 20 to € 40 on ebay, very often in deadstock condition ... yours would probably sell in the $ 30 range, not more. just a tip.
a pair of vintage black german boots that i found in the basement a few years back—they are approximately 60 years old, judging from the lining which reads »wasserdicht« (waterproof). size is: european 43 / asian 27 cm / north american 10 i live in frankfurt am main and found a croat cobbler in stuttgart thanks to threads in a german shoe forum (—davor krivak is his name he did a wonderful job and is now my...
so do i when i'm in the mood. there was a time -- when ruthless records was still in business -- when i would buy every single new release on vinyl, album, ep or maxi single, by all the associated artists. good times, indeed -- still have all the records."straight outta compton" ... played the taped album up and down in my parents' art nouveau café in croatia back in 1988 ... talk about a contrasting mash-up, haha ...
there were a few jamming transmitters in scandinavia doing the same thing, thus blocking eastern european / soviet frequencies. a norwegian friend of mine told me about it.
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