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Went to visit the homie Ryan at the Chicago SLP store earlier, got my black suede chain harness reserved. Tried on the new tan suede Wyatts with the slim shaft for reference, holy shit them things were snug. Size 43 fit me in length but I felt the zipper might bust from how snug the shaft was. I'll be doing TTS, 43.5 on the new suede chains.
I went true to size with Santiags (43.5, 43 in CP, 10.5 in Vans/Nike/etc) and at first they did hurt due to them being brand new and stiff, even snug/tight.I've worn them easily over 60 times or so now. Walked around in them, hell even ran in them I'm sure and now they're perfect.Moral of the story; break your shit in, wear em', live in em'. Make them mold to you and you won't have to worry about discomfort.*wearing them as I speak*
NEED SIZING HELP! So I've been searching far and wide for 2013 Chain Harness Wyatt's in my size. The more I read the more I feel the need to go bigger than my normal size. I have a pair of Harness Santiags in size 43.5 that fit pretty damn perfect. I found a pair of 2013 Chain Wyatts for a reasonable price/condition, but they are 44.5. I know the shaft is slimmer as well as the ankle on the 2013's, but will these 44.5 be too big for me? Thanks in advance y'all
IDK why but they just look off to me. Looking forward to seeing more pictures tho, been on the hunt for black chain suedes.
Good looking on pointing that out, I was unaware. I had asked the seller if there had been any alterations made and he said no. But now that you guys caught that it explains the low price.
Legit check on these jeans? No diss if it's someone on here selling them lol, but the price is a good deal and they're new
idk why but this was dope to me lol. The fact that your family work in novelas. Maybe bc as a mexican kid growing up my mom and grandma would always watch them after dinner haha.
Whoever came up on those tan F/W 2013 Wyatts for $600 off Grailed copped a steal.
So my homie hit me talking about some ideation and concepts for some video work he's helping out on for a magezine publication. He said he was on his way to meet up with the band the video was covering. We talk ideas and turns out the video is covering The SWMRS, who did the soundtrack for the Surf Sound collection (Harry Dean; dope song). SWMRS and Hedi apparently had a falling out and now Hedi hates them. It was said that Hedi is also a Scientologist lol. I might stop...
^dope boots, i wanna get a pair and just OD on fringe/fur/shearling to style them with
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