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#21, i'll take it. Seeing as to how I only posted 2 fits the whole year haha.
^thumbs for use of breds and vis
This is what happens when I don't check style forum, the wax rose boots i want go on sale and are sold. WHOEVER BOUGHT THEM IF THEY DONT WORK OUT HOLLA AT YOUR BOY
I still need white CCP tornados. I've been saying this for about 2 years now.
Does sizing on Santiags and Harness Wyatt's vary from season to season or are they pretty tts? I'm in need of the black harness leather Santiags.
lol, dope guy. we'd probably get along great.
Best news I've heard until I'm able to track down a pair of harness Santiags.
They call me Young Hangover.
I fuck with baller boots and all, own a couple pairs, but truthfully I never understood the hype over m_moria. Is it some fanboy shit? Maybe I'm just not one for super bulbous boots. I understand the history and respect that, but still don't see whats so great about the look. I'm sure with time they look cool, like most footwear though.
Excited to see how the 40mm stacked heel models will look.
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