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Which is the suede that gets rougher and shaggy with wear on the harness boots?
I think the longer napped suede look doper. They have a rougher look and feel to them.The leather ones seem more sleek and elegant, really considering a nappy pair of Wyatts.What's shade of tan do y'all like most?
Legit check on these? Bonus: Found a pair of FW13 plain harness Wyatts.
For those who copped the MIJ raw denim D02's from this previous season, how much do they stretch? Ordered my usual size 33 and they fit great (a little snug) out the box. Wondering if i should have gone with a 32 to account for stretching.
SLP EXPERTS: Difference between 2013 Chain Harness Wyatt and 2014 version? They both appear to have the chunky exposed zipper and no side seam on the boot. The harness placement seems different though. Is the shaft size the same on both? Are the zippers the same? Thanks.
You are the mf'n man! Thanks!
My baller boot peeps, its been a long time. I've missed y'all. I come here in search of guidance and your expertise to brush up my knowledge once again. 3 years ago i said I wanted white tornado CCP, 3 years later it might finally happen. BUT FIRST, I have some questions for y'all... So the boots are tagged size 8, i know CCP runs big and I think they might fit. I wear a 43 in CP as well as in Ann D sneakers, and they fit pretty comfortably. Would the size 8 in CCP work...
It's Supreme, bought the same one but its too slim for my liking. If anyone needs a large, I'll let go for under retail., seller sold the Chain Wyatts to someone else before i sent the payment, so I'm still on the market for a size 43-44 if anyone can help.
Need some reassurance/piece of mind from SLP experts that these are legit before I drop the money on them. Finally found them, wish they were 43.5 though.
Went to visit the homie Ryan at the Chicago SLP store earlier, got my black suede chain harness reserved. Tried on the new tan suede Wyatts with the slim shaft for reference, holy shit them things were snug. Size 43 fit me in length but I felt the zipper might bust from how snug the shaft was. I'll be doing TTS, 43.5 on the new suede chains.
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