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This was fun. We got to style the clothes in a different way than the regular customers normally would, adding our twist to it. Part time model, full time bad boy. F A N C Y F U X for Apartment Number 9. http://apartmentnumber9.com/blogs/issue-24/14277677-stand-by-me
CALF PORN: 3.5 year old ToJ calf. 3.5 month old Helmut Lang calf. (excuse the weird bulging lol)
Shout out Holger, zipped me in my Guidi boots a year ago and I can't be any more satisfied.
I'm on 45 weeks, I just might win!
@MarkI sweet ink, def good first ones to get. I'm itchin' for my next piece. And the ones after that and after that. I'll be a gnarly ol' grampa one day with hand tats, stacked heel boots, leather jacket and a Harley taking my grandchildren to school. Oh and luscious locks. Can't forget about my luscious locks.
Oxblood calf to go with my 2010 black calf.ToJ calf is ULTIMATE bad boy shit.
@Synthese sk8 hi gang
Bussit, for the price you paid for the 3M product you could have just taken your sneaks to a cobbler and have them add a thin topy to them, it would have probably been around the same price and less of a hassle. Or just wear the sneakers fresh out the box like most peeps do
sold bruhs.
Those oxblood joints are toooo smackin!
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