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Lmao. Yall take things too seriously. Keep enjoying my subtle troll.
Wasting no time breaking it in
Love the smell of new leather. Received my 2013 DR yesterday. Burgundy. Perfect fit. I forgot how crazy stiff the calf is to begin with. My broken in 2010 calf DR feels like lamb compared to this one. Will post pix eventually, sooner than later.
2013 DR order from July 2013 has been shipped. It was in the TOJ inventory bunch from the pic. Now I wish I would have also ordered a heavy calf suede jacket before the end of TOJ.
The other day MMM Wang Acne Dior
If I have to go through two birthdays without my oxblood 2013 DR I'll be pissed. Early July 2013 order, it's been too long. I NEED DA SWAG 4 DA BDAY!!!
Pretty sure I'm at 66 weeks or so. Wouldn't be surprised to hit 70 weeks. On the upside I was able to modify my measurements lol.
I've had Guidi baby calf and horse. Wore the calf in rain, ice and snow. Held up great. Wore my horse backzips to Riot Fest on Sunday and they put up with fields of mud and soggy grass. Feet stayed dry and they look pretty bad ass dirty with the dry mud, I figured to let it come off on its own. So from my experience with two types of Guidi leathers I can vouch that they take a good beating. NicelyNice knows all about that as well, his worn pairs are amazing.
I remember getting my white achillies lows for $150, maybe like 4-5 years ago? Still wearing them.
This was fun. We got to style the clothes in a different way than the regular customers normally would, adding our twist to it. Part time model, full time bad boy. F A N C Y F U X for Apartment Number 9. http://apartmentnumber9.com/blogs/issue-24/14277677-stand-by-me
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