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Does sizing on Santiags and Harness Wyatt's vary from season to season or are they pretty tts? I'm in need of the black harness leather Santiags.
lol, dope guy. we'd probably get along great.
Best news I've heard until I'm able to track down a pair of harness Santiags.
They call me Young Hangover.
I fuck with baller boots and all, own a couple pairs, but truthfully I never understood the hype over m_moria. Is it some fanboy shit? Maybe I'm just not one for super bulbous boots. I understand the history and respect that, but still don't see whats so great about the look. I'm sure with time they look cool, like most footwear though.
Excited to see how the 40mm stacked heel models will look.
On a more serious note this time, this jacket did not disappoint. Nearly 2 years wait time, but the fit was just as I intended and the calf is thicker and heavier than I remembered. Can't wait to see how this beast ages. It will be a tough choice going in the closet and picking between broken in black calf or new burgundy calf.
lolomg I post a light hearted (troll) picture of myself and a friend out on a Saturday night living life, get called a douche and cause a stir in this thread about body image that's still going on days later? Is the grain on the lamb leather y'all lust over considered lamb cellulite?! Go out and enjoy the sun, tell your loved ones you love them, have fun with your friends. Live life outside the internet, it's actually pretty rad guys.
Lmao. Yall take things too seriously. Keep enjoying my subtle troll.
Wasting no time breaking it in
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