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Bussit, for the price you paid for the 3M product you could have just taken your sneaks to a cobbler and have them add a thin topy to them, it would have probably been around the same price and less of a hassle. Or just wear the sneakers fresh out the box like most peeps do
Located in Chi-town, chi-town, we gon' show em how we get down. Swag meets welcomed., international shipping will cost more. PM or email at osalinas21@sbcglobal.net Do these ICONS even need an intro? Made famous by the swag maven Synth, and adored by all. These sand suede joints are so perf to stunt on dem haterz all summer. I mean gawd damn, the suede is so butter. Size 43. Run true-er than MMM sneaks in my opinion. I wear 43 in CP, Rick Dunks, 10.5 in Nike/Vans, 42 in...
Those oxblood joints are toooo smackin!
I ordered a black lamb quilted BCDR but after all these months I think I'm leaning toward oxblood calf 2013 DR. I didn't think I'd end up being one of those guys to change an order, but hey if it's still not made yet I might as well!
@Synthese and @DLester holy fuck dem shoes my du's Sidenote: The Motion (remix) by Sango, too smackin righna
I always forget there's another side to SF that wears suits, and ties, and pocket squares and ish
If all y'all are worried and mulling over how many weeks you've been waiting for a jacket then idk how exciting or busy your life is
I said fuckit and dyed some Balmain biker chinos myself in a bucket. I'm sure a cobbler would do a good job, after all he is a pro.
I want those pants in the TC x CP pic more than any of his shoes. Cropped dress pants with zipper sounds too dirty
Located in Chicago, meet ups welcome. Prices include USPS Cont. Shipping, international shipping charges apply. PM or email osalinas21@sbcglobal.net Patrik Ervell Standard Button Down. Size Large, White & Blue horizontal stripes. Club collar. Great condition.Has not been worn much. Throw on some jeans and side zips are you're good to go OR throw on a slutty v neck, roll up the oxford sleeves, leave shirt unbuttoned and add some beat white sneaks for a more typical bad...
New Posts  All Forums: