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They will leave it off if you request it of them, which I did.
Hermes Man - I've recently read your blog from start to finish and I must say, I'm absolutely fascinated. We need more!!
Is the available fabric the lightest grey of the three?
Is there a way to be notified of when the monkstraps are available in 7.5?
I have to ask what your profession is. I must admit I envy your fine collection of clothes and would love to hear a ballpark figure on number of shirts, suits, pants, and shoes. It might make me cry, however.
Just to confirm to be 100% sure, we should order our true US shoe sizes now? Also - any idea of when you would have the hand grade monkstrap in 7 or 7.5? One more thing for members who have purchased some of Kent's shoes, would the shoes mentioned above or the benchgrade chukkas be a noticeable step up from my six or seven pairs of AE's (strands, fairfax, hales, etc)? I'm considering my first pair of "nice" shoes, without going as far as Lobbs, and I'm wondering if this...
After seeing a post in the "Folded Up Shirt P0rn" thread from one of the moderators, emptym, I decided to give a new online MTM a shot. I should be receiving the "test" shirt in the next few days and if I can get the fit down, then I'm hoping to order several more. They offer free return shipping if you're not 100% satisfied and the introductory price is $60/shirt so I figure I don't really have anything to lose. This will be my first time experimenting with an online MTM...
This thread is a mess. Don't wear black shoes and don't wear a white shirt with a black tie with a navy suit.
This made me laugh. And out loud, to boot.
Please be so kind as to shut the fuck up.
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