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Yes but I'd argue that the humiliation was caused by the fucked up Brazilian expectations. After Germany's second goal, the team was so paralyzed by disbelief that they literally stopped playing for a few minutes. There are youtube videos where the Brazil team have been photoshopped out and absolutely nothing changes because they were just standing around. Although Brazil was not as good a team as Germany, it wasn't the talent gap alone that lead to a 1-7 drubbing. The...
People just expect too much from Brazil -- especially Brazilians. When most teams make the semifinals of a World Cup, they are treated like heroes at home. For Brazil, it's a national disaster. Argentina hasn't won a major trophy since they last won the Copa in 1993, but if Brazil loses in the quarters they are in shambles. The problem they have is their soccer culture. Not only do they expect to win every game, but they expect to do it while playing beautifully. They...
Gregory Baci deserves a nomination as well:
Let's see your nominees. Just no fantasy/fake images -- I want to see the real dea. I submit Bernard Moitessier:
Apparently a study has been done showing that a therapist (my field) displaying 9 credentials/diplomas/etc in their office is still viewed in a positive light by prospective clients. Interesting. I think I only have 4, so I guess I'll hang 'em. Study: https://mindshapedbox.wordpress.com/2011/11/30/should-therapists-display-their-diplomas-and-certificates/ Oh, but I definitely wont put my HS diploma up there, not that I even know where it is.
So I'm starting at a new office and am required to display my professional license for mental health practice, which looks like a diploma. I decided to get my grad diploma framed while I was at it (which until now had been at the bottom of a storage box) , and I was looking around for my undergrad one before I started to feel like kind of an ass. -- I don't think I really need anything but the license displayed, but I am in private practice and frequently have clients in...
Just curious why it strikes you as 'trailer park' ?
I ended up deciding that the wall was too much, and just put them up against the fireplace in the bedroom. They blend in pretty well, and it seems much more spontaneous (because it was). My bedroom has other historical junk in it 'cause I'm into that sort of thing, so it's a better fit than my living room, which is less stuffy.
Why is genealogy so popular these days? Does anyone actually give a shit if some chick was a great great grandaughter of a senator or something? I think this is kinda related to the Prep explosion of the recent past. Maybe it's an east coast thing?
Otc – thanks, good to hear. Skinnygoomba – thanks for the info. Yeah, I checked these out to see if they had ‘ancestral blades,’ but they are both machine made. I’ve read that apparently Japanese citizens are allowed to keep their ancestral blades if they can prove the ancestral connection through the official War Dept or some such, but these mass produced swords will be confiscated because the govt doesn’t view them as being up the standard of traditional Japanese...
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