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Just curious why it strikes you as 'trailer park' ?
I ended up deciding that the wall was too much, and just put them up against the fireplace in the bedroom. They blend in pretty well, and it seems much more spontaneous (because it was). My bedroom has other historical junk in it 'cause I'm into that sort of thing, so it's a better fit than my living room, which is less stuffy.
Why is genealogy so popular these days? Does anyone actually give a shit if some chick was a great great grandaughter of a senator or something? I think this is kinda related to the Prep explosion of the recent past. Maybe it's an east coast thing?
Otc – thanks, good to hear. Skinnygoomba – thanks for the info. Yeah, I checked these out to see if they had ‘ancestral blades,’ but they are both machine made. I’ve read that apparently Japanese citizens are allowed to keep their ancestral blades if they can prove the ancestral connection through the official War Dept or some such, but these mass produced swords will be confiscated because the govt doesn’t view them as being up the standard of traditional Japanese...
No thoughts on this? Thought the SF crowd would be all over this. Certainly, a wall full of Highlander and Lord of the Rings replicas would send one sort of message, but do a couple war swords also scream social leprosy? Bueller?
Hey y'all, Looking for some decorative advice here. I ended up with a couple japanese WWII swords and thought "cool" and put them up on the wall in my bedroom. I've got a new lady friend coming over in a few days and I'm starting to wonder if things like that send creepy vibes. I got them from my grandfather, who is a major collector. I've got a small apartment, so it was bedroom or living room. Cool or creepy?
First time Federer hasn't made a QF in 10 years.
Nadal out in straights in the first round. This is a HUGE upset! Where the hell is everybody?
Nadal isn't looking too hot. It would be excellent to see Rog take him out in the quarters, if Nadal even makes it that far.
Opening day! Best two weeks of the year! I was at the tournament last year. Saw Djokovic on Centre, stayed in Kensington ,and had the time of my life. Wish I was there.
New Posts  All Forums: