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Love the interplay between colors, patterns and textures on this outfit.Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere on the forum, but may I ask what fabric the sports coat is made from?
Do you have details of the fabric in the first picture, on right? It looks fantastic.
+1, the Chan MOP buttons are some of the best I have seen, and their hand-shanked buttons are a really nice touch.Are you able to tell where to buy TM fabric (as I thought TM don't sell direct to the public)?
NYK - Just in case it's of interest, I have a bunch of T&A shirts in 14.5 that I bought in the sale from the Jermyn st store which I am looking to sell. They are a mix of plain white and blue (all double cuff) with a couple of sea island quality.They're completely unworn but have been washed once (long story short - i bought them in the sale, washed them once to get any shrinkage out of the way before I had a tailor tweak them slightly, but then moved to HK and ended up...
I'm in the same position (trying to find a tailor in London who I use as an alternative to tailors in HK, and am considering C&tD), fit pics of the finished suit would be great!
I've used both Chan and AC for shirts. My chan shirts fit me a lot better than my AC shirts, and so i've stuck with them. Price wise, i think they are pretty similar (i think Chan may be a touch cheaper on a like-for-like fabric basis). AC defnitely stock fabrics cheaper than the $250 - $300 mentioned above, and both should have fabrics within your price range I think (although they would be at the lower end of their quaity spectrum). Notwithstanding my experience...
+1 on both counts
+1I would never wear clothes with conspicuous branding on them and the H belts in particular (which seem to be everywhere I look nowadays!) are a perfect example of that. To my mind, wearing clothing with distinctive conspicuous branding often signifies some form of insecurity on behalf of the wearer.
I definitely wouldn't wear the first one, and probably wouldn't wear the second either...
I think Mr Porter sell some made by Bresciani.
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