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+1 on both counts
+1I would never wear clothes with conspicuous branding on them and the H belts in particular (which seem to be everywhere I look nowadays!) are a perfect example of that. To my mind, wearing clothing with distinctive conspicuous branding often signifies some form of insecurity on behalf of the wearer.
I definitely wouldn't wear the first one, and probably wouldn't wear the second either...
I think Mr Porter sell some made by Bresciani.
Pau Ryan's outfit when he was announced as Romney's running mate made for depressing viewing: baggy suit, top shirt button undone with a round neck undershirt poking through. Horrible. As others have noted above, it's also a real shame that standards of dress have declined markedly for UK politicians too. I think this is due, partly, to the fact that the media would likely seize upon any politicians who were seen to be spending a lot on their clothes (portraying them as...
Obviously a lot will depend on which lasts fit you better, but assuming both brands fit you equally as well I would personally opt for the EG. I have the EG Chelsea in dark oak on the 82 last and love them - they are sleek, simple, classic and elegant. To my eye, the perfect oxfords. I will need to get a pair in black at some point too. In terms of the EG lasts, the 82 is a round toe like the 202 but a little sleeker. The 888 is square toed (personally, i think a round...
Not really a fan of either of those ties with that shirt.
They're casual shoes to be worn with a casual outfit (jeans or chinos as you note). In terms of colours, blue jeans/chinos, khaki chinos etcThat said, they don't look hugely appealing to me and are not something I would wear myself.
Any particular reason you don't want to be shopping at topman, river island, zara etc for casual clothes? If your budget is GBP20 to 40 for a shirt, these are exactly the types of places you will need to be looking (others include H&M, Uniqlo, Gap).
Sorry, I should have been more clear. I just meant that they are pretty casual and are just something I would throw on if I was going to the gym, or popping to the shops or something like that.Your original post refers to you wanting more "up to date fashion" and asks whether polos are on "trend", so I was just trying to make the point that there is nothing particualry fashionable or stylish about polos, they are a pretty utilitarian item of clothing.
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