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+1In the instances I have altered items which are one or two sizes too big, they ended-up not looking great. I've had a trenchcoat taken in slightly from the waist and that turned out absolutely fine.
Love the interplay between colors, patterns and textures on this outfit.Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere on the forum, but may I ask what fabric the sports coat is made from?
Do you have details of the fabric in the first picture, on right? It looks fantastic.
+1, the Chan MOP buttons are some of the best I have seen, and their hand-shanked buttons are a really nice touch.Are you able to tell where to buy TM fabric (as I thought TM don't sell direct to the public)?
NYK - Just in case it's of interest, I have a bunch of T&A shirts in 14.5 that I bought in the sale from the Jermyn st store which I am looking to sell. They are a mix of plain white and blue (all double cuff) with a couple of sea island quality.They're completely unworn but have been washed once (long story short - i bought them in the sale, washed them once to get any shrinkage out of the way before I had a tailor tweak them slightly, but then moved to HK and ended up...
I'm in the same position (trying to find a tailor in London who I use as an alternative to tailors in HK, and am considering C&tD), fit pics of the finished suit would be great!
I've used both Chan and AC for shirts. My chan shirts fit me a lot better than my AC shirts, and so i've stuck with them. Price wise, i think they are pretty similar (i think Chan may be a touch cheaper on a like-for-like fabric basis). AC defnitely stock fabrics cheaper than the $250 - $300 mentioned above, and both should have fabrics within your price range I think (although they would be at the lower end of their quaity spectrum). Notwithstanding my experience...
+1 on both counts
+1I would never wear clothes with conspicuous branding on them and the H belts in particular (which seem to be everywhere I look nowadays!) are a perfect example of that. To my mind, wearing clothing with distinctive conspicuous branding often signifies some form of insecurity on behalf of the wearer.
I definitely wouldn't wear the first one, and probably wouldn't wear the second either...
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