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Thanks!Thanks ezlau - your collection on the other SC thread also looks great. The austerity brogue will have to be one of the next SC's I try!
tchoy - Great shoes. What colour are those austerity brogues? Are they the black/brown that SC offer?Also, what leather did you select for your austerity and full brogues, crust or one of the non-crust options? The reason I ask is that a lot of SCs I have seen tend to crease quite prominently around the vamp. Yours don't seem to do that and I'm wondering if it's because you've opted for non-crust leathers?
With regards to EG, my understanding is they only outsource the work if you are asking them to apply the toe plates to a RTW model you are purchasing. If you are having a pair made to order from the factory, the factory will fit them.
You wouldn't wear a tie with the words "ARMANI" emblazoned all over it, would you? The same reasoning applies to this tie. Even in the absence of the above brand connotation, it's not a particularly pleasing design for a tie in any event. In short, you really shouldn't wear it if you want to put together an outfit which is stylish or attractive in any way.
While I agree that your shirt/tie combo won't determine the success of your interview, I think you want to stand out for the right reasons (i.e. your answers to their questions rather than the clothes you are wearing). I think that combo is too busy and distracting - I agree with all the above posters who have suggested you wear a plain white or light blue shirt with a relatively conservative solid or lightly patterned tie. Also, given this is in the UK, I would opt for...
Hackett in the sale used to be a good deal (around GBP350 to GBP450 for suits from Loro Piana fabric, with decent styles). I get the impression their quality has slipped a little recently though. It's probably also worth having a browse in Harrods and Selffridges so you can check out a number of brands in one go.
Wow - these look beautiful. EG at it's best (the asquith on the 888 is one of my all time favourite shoes, especially when polished as nicely as these)!
Even a shoe that fits properly will crease differently on different people (depending on the way they walk, the way their foot flexes etc...). The best way to determine whether a shoe fits properly is to look at how it fits your foot at the various appropriate places (heel, toes etc) rather than focussing on creasing.
Mburer - the shade of green on those socks is amazing, where are they from?
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