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With regards to EG, my understanding is they only outsource the work if you are asking them to apply the toe plates to a RTW model you are purchasing. If you are having a pair made to order from the factory, the factory will fit them.
You wouldn't wear a tie with the words "ARMANI" emblazoned all over it, would you? The same reasoning applies to this tie. Even in the absence of the above brand connotation, it's not a particularly pleasing design for a tie in any event. In short, you really shouldn't wear it if you want to put together an outfit which is stylish or attractive in any way.
While I agree that your shirt/tie combo won't determine the success of your interview, I think you want to stand out for the right reasons (i.e. your answers to their questions rather than the clothes you are wearing). I think that combo is too busy and distracting - I agree with all the above posters who have suggested you wear a plain white or light blue shirt with a relatively conservative solid or lightly patterned tie. Also, given this is in the UK, I would opt for...
Hackett in the sale used to be a good deal (around GBP350 to GBP450 for suits from Loro Piana fabric, with decent styles). I get the impression their quality has slipped a little recently though. It's probably also worth having a browse in Harrods and Selffridges so you can check out a number of brands in one go.
Wow - these look beautiful. EG at it's best (the asquith on the 888 is one of my all time favourite shoes, especially when polished as nicely as these)!
Even a shoe that fits properly will crease differently on different people (depending on the way they walk, the way their foot flexes etc...). The best way to determine whether a shoe fits properly is to look at how it fits your foot at the various appropriate places (heel, toes etc) rather than focussing on creasing.
Mburer - the shade of green on those socks is amazing, where are they from?
1) I am not sure I would use Mr. Porter as the benchmark for good customer service. They once sent me a defective item and I had to return it to them 4 times before I was actually sent the correct replacement. It is a large organisation (at least compared to Leffot) and each time you contact them you have to deal with someone new who isn't familiar with the details of your case and are often met with automated email responses rather than a considered response. At least...
+1If you are ordering online (and even when ordering in person), mistakes can and do happen. Ordering from a high-end establishment does not make them immune to human-error, what really matters is the manner in which such-errors are rectified and by your own account it seems Steven is dealing with the situation promptly and professionally. There really was no need to raise something as simple as being delivered the wrong item on this forum unless and until it was clear the...
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