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+1Sneakers are fine in the right context, but the sneakers you have posted are not very nice (largely due to the conspicuous branding) and would look horrible (IMHO) even with a casual outfit.If you can sell them, great. If not, then just chalk it up to experience.
It's not really wasting wood though in the sense that you are not using up anymore wood than you would be if you left the trees unhollowed. Hollowed out trees have certain benefits (much lighter when travelling, allows more air to circulate inside the shoe while the tree is in etc), and so given no more wood is ultimately used as a result of the process i'm not sure what the problem is.
gherrmann - before i ordered my first Vanda i was also put off by the lack of keeper. That said, several Vanda's in, i now really enjoy wearing ties without keepers and now no longer use keepers even on those ties that have them. Putting the tie into the keeper now feels unduly restrictive to me, particularly on lightly constructed ties such as Vandas which are designed to flow freely. I appreciate it's a matter of personal taste though!It's not a question of whether they...
Is there any reason why you can't store them in a box which isn't Hermes branded?
Thanks!Thanks ezlau - your collection on the other SC thread also looks great. The austerity brogue will have to be one of the next SC's I try!
tchoy - Great shoes. What colour are those austerity brogues? Are they the black/brown that SC offer?Also, what leather did you select for your austerity and full brogues, crust or one of the non-crust options? The reason I ask is that a lot of SCs I have seen tend to crease quite prominently around the vamp. Yours don't seem to do that and I'm wondering if it's because you've opted for non-crust leathers?
With regards to EG, my understanding is they only outsource the work if you are asking them to apply the toe plates to a RTW model you are purchasing. If you are having a pair made to order from the factory, the factory will fit them.
You wouldn't wear a tie with the words "ARMANI" emblazoned all over it, would you? The same reasoning applies to this tie. Even in the absence of the above brand connotation, it's not a particularly pleasing design for a tie in any event. In short, you really shouldn't wear it if you want to put together an outfit which is stylish or attractive in any way.
While I agree that your shirt/tie combo won't determine the success of your interview, I think you want to stand out for the right reasons (i.e. your answers to their questions rather than the clothes you are wearing). I think that combo is too busy and distracting - I agree with all the above posters who have suggested you wear a plain white or light blue shirt with a relatively conservative solid or lightly patterned tie. Also, given this is in the UK, I would opt for...
Hackett in the sale used to be a good deal (around GBP350 to GBP450 for suits from Loro Piana fabric, with decent styles). I get the impression their quality has slipped a little recently though. It's probably also worth having a browse in Harrods and Selffridges so you can check out a number of brands in one go.
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