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US$500 is not enough to get a decent suit made in HK. If that is your budget, I honestly think it is safer to get a reasonably well fitting suit OTR and have it altered. I think there are 2 big misconceptions with regards to bespoke tailoring in HK: (i) the first is that a bespoke garment will fit you perfectly/be everything you want in a suit, (ii) the second is that you can get an amazing suit at bargain prices.With regards to (i), bespoke is an ongoing process. It's...
A lot depends on how often you need to wear shirts (everyday?), what profession you work in and what else is in your wardrobe (e.g. in terms of suits and ties). As it is, you have listed pretty much most types of shirts that one would have in a conventional business wardrobe (white solid, blue solid, along with other solids, stripes and checks)! TBH - unless you are very easy to fit off the rack, I would be inclined to go MTM or bespoke and build your collection slowly....
So true!I think you should keep it. I have something very similar from Drakes, it looks great with a blue suit and white shirt: not the most daring combination, but a nice clean, crisp look. Try that combo and see what you think.
hmmm, i've never heard this before and don't see any reason why burgundy can't be used for calf, but would be interested to hear your reasoning on why this should be the case?
I think you need to be a bit more specific with your question. Are you using the terms "unlined" and "untipped" interchangeably (because they are not necessarily the same thing)? For example, an untipped tie could be lined or unlined.If you mean "untipped", then they wear pretty much the same as a tipped tie. The tip of an untipped tie will have a nice delicate feel to it, but will be no less durable than a tipped tie. As to how they look - even a very cursory search of...
Could you elaborate on the above? How does their cut differ from AMHC?
+1Sneakers are fine in the right context, but the sneakers you have posted are not very nice (largely due to the conspicuous branding) and would look horrible (IMHO) even with a casual outfit.If you can sell them, great. If not, then just chalk it up to experience.
It's not really wasting wood though in the sense that you are not using up anymore wood than you would be if you left the trees unhollowed. Hollowed out trees have certain benefits (much lighter when travelling, allows more air to circulate inside the shoe while the tree is in etc), and so given no more wood is ultimately used as a result of the process i'm not sure what the problem is.
gherrmann - before i ordered my first Vanda i was also put off by the lack of keeper. That said, several Vanda's in, i now really enjoy wearing ties without keepers and now no longer use keepers even on those ties that have them. Putting the tie into the keeper now feels unduly restrictive to me, particularly on lightly constructed ties such as Vandas which are designed to flow freely. I appreciate it's a matter of personal taste though!It's not a question of whether they...
Is there any reason why you can't store them in a box which isn't Hermes branded?
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