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Does anyone know if Drapers sell fabric direct to the public, and if they do, have any contact details and/or a website address for them? I'm interested in buying some of their fabrics but can't find any info through an Internet search. Dib
TTO - awesome shirt/tie/suit combos. I love the shape you consistently achieve in your knots too. If I may ask, where are the ties from in your fourth to last, and last, photos?
I think it will be difficult to convince HK to alter it, although you should certainly ask and see what they say. They are so busy nowadays with all the orders from overseas trips that the customer service isn't what it used to be. 5 or 6 years ago they were always very accomodating to make tweaks and adjustments even after final fitting, less so nowadays.
1) No clear point?? My point, or at least the point in contention (and which I think most people other than you probably understood pretty readily) was that going to budget HK tailors will generally produce bad results, but be careful because even expensive tailors can not meet your expectations if you don't know what you are doing when commissioning a suit.If you couldn't understand that from my earlier post, and found a post with 3 or 4 paragraphs windy, then I now...
OP - chill out, I wasn't chastising you. I appreciate you are a newbie to bespoke suits and I was just trying to manage your expectations of what the process can achieve. You have mentioned in a few posts "I should have gone to Simpson Sin" and "next time i'll just go to Simpson Sin", which is why I was trying to illustrate simply going to Simpson Sin won't automatically produce markedly better results (in fact, it most likely won't).WIth regards to the "you get what you...
I really fear you haven't learnt anything from this thread despite a lot of the good advice people have been offering. In particular:(1) Going to Simpson Sin isn't going to be the magic answer to your problems. Admittedly I haven't seen a huge amount of their work, but if someone is charging HK$4,000 for a suit then they are operating at the lower end of the HK bespoke spectrum (i.e. around the same level as Empire). My general observation of tailors working in this price...
I should add, if you don't have anyone you can take with you then, as GBR has said quite clearly above, you should simply go back to the tailor and: (i) ask them if it's possible to add more waist suppression to the jacket; and (ii) fix the bunching at the back of the trousers (I agree with GBR that this isn't going to be fixed by taking the trousers in more, but point the problem out to the tailors and see what they suggest).
Yes, I understood quite clearly what you were saying - you want the silhouette to be more waisted/more waist suppression (and that is what I meant by more "shape" - it's a pretty common way of saying the same thing).Anyway, that obviously won't be achieved by letting more fabric out, will it? That effect is typically achieved by taking fabric away from the waist and, as i've said above, I'm not sure if there is sufficient allowance left in your suit to do this.Do you have...
I dont think it can be lengthened actually, i've discussed this with tailors before and they've always advised it's not really possible at this stage.Regarding your questions above, I would advise against letting the waist out. One of your main concerns seems to be that the suit isn't slim enough and doesnt have any shape around the waist - letting the waist out is only going to exacerbate this problem obviously.
What GBR means is that once the length of the jacket has been finished/hemmed, it cannot be lengthened - hence irretrievable.
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