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Isolation - ur review had me in stitches I think I'm going to go and check that place out just for the pure entertainment value!
Herr BrunI think TM Lewin is fine for your purposes. It's obviously not the highest quality, but fine for the price and certainly sufficient for what you need at this stage of your career.If I were you, I would get a couple of suits and 8 to 10 shirts OTR (which should be well within your budget mentioned above), and use whatever you have left to have them altered by a decent alterations tailor (I wouldn't use Lewin's in house alterations service - it will typically...
tchoy, Marcodalondra - thanks for the suggestions, i will check those out!
I'm looking to buy some fabric to have some staple chinos made up in various colours (tan, khaki, blue etc). The Holland & Sherry cotton classics book seems to have a good range in terms of colours and weights - does anyone have any experience with its quality and how it holds up? Alternatively, anyone have any suggestions for any alternative books I should be looking at from any of the other merchants?
I'm planning to order some fabrics from lesser, minnis and smiths - if there is anyone who could assist in getting these at lower prices could you please drop me a pm? Many thanks in advance. Dib
Patrick - didn't you want to wear your first pair for a few weeks to see how the fit settles down with wear before ordering your second pair (e.g. incase any minor adjustments are needed to the last)?
The number of threads I see started about shoes creasing is ridiculous. Shoes made from leather will, and are supposed to, crease. Do you expect your shirts to stay uncreased all day, or your shoelaces to stay tied all day?? When you use things, they will show signs of wear and tear and in many cases, shoes in particular, they look better with such signs of wear and tear.I appreciate this may seem slightly contradictory as I recently posted in another thread about how I...
Awesome knots/dimples, and love the shirt/tie/jacket combos too!
Hmm..not sure, the SC crust leather feels heavier and more substantial to me than the leather on my G&G's or EG's.I'm not sure I agree that EG Top Drawer appeals to people who are attraced by things that don't matter. The main reason I used Top Drawer was because it allowed me to create a design i had in mind that wouldn't have been possible had i gone the MTO route. That said, the result wasn't perfect (in terms of some of the workmanship) which isn't acceptable at that...
Agree with all of this - some of my EG Top Drawers and MTO's have had little problems with them and it's so difficult to get EG to rectify them (presumably because they already have so much work relative to their size).My only issue with St. Crispin's however is the unsightly creasing that can appear on a lot of their shoes (quite prominent ridges on many of the shoes I have seen, including my own). Whilst i'm of the view that if a shoes fits you, then you shouldn't worry...
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