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Much safer to try on in person. If you're in HK Tassels in the Landmark stocks them, so you can try and buy from there.
The way a tie knots and drapes will be affected by a number of things. Lining (or the absence of it), is one of them, but others include: (i) the overall dimensions of the tie (not just at the tip of the blade, but all the way up the tie), (ii) the fabric used, (iii) the construction used (number of folds) etc.That said, I have hobers and Vandas that have been made on a like for like basis (i.e. both unlined grenadines (using grenadine from the same source as you note))...
I have both and prefer my Vandas - they drape and knot better for me
+2. If we're talking about wearing bright polka dot socks to a wedding i would advise against that, but a subtle pin dot on a conservative background is absolutely fine.
Beautiful - i can't seem to see this on the Vanda website, is this the slate blue grenadine they had a few months back?
tdude - sorry to divert discussion away from ties for a moment, but what fabric is your sportscoat made from? I've been looking for a brown pow like that for a while!
Sorry Spoo - ignore me, i'm being a bit slow, i've just realised that's the Luxe Swap logo, lol.I didn't realise you also sold Drakes ties made specifically for you - is this a recent development?
These are awesome.Which retailer are they from (i know it has the name on the label - but can't quite make it out on my screen, not sure if it's a problem with my screen or my eyesight!).
Hirsh, any chance you could post a fit pic of your AM shirts? Am curious to see how well they fit given your positive experience.
those are definitely grey and not FUN608.Do you know if the retailer has the various SC leather swatches? They specify what each colour is and if they have those, it should be very easy for them to check against the swatches and verify immediately that what you have is not FUN608. SC themselves should also be able to look at pictures of your shoe and tell straight away that they are not FUN608.Hope the situation gets resolved soon because there is no way you should have to...
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