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Agreed. Pictures viewed on computers can quite easily fail to reproduce the colour with the necessary degree of accuracy. It would be much more useful to view swatches in real life, and waiting a week or so to receive them is not that long in the bigger scheme of things.
I should also add, that I don't think you can pay the Royal Family to issue a warrant and "endorse" your product, as suggested in the original post. Dib
Royal warrants are granted to companies who supply goods and services to the Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh or the Prince of Wales. My understanding is that these can be provided to companies who have been supplying goods/services for a consecutive 5 year period. I don't think there is any prohibition on these being awarded to overseas companies, although I think the vast majority of current warrant holders are British.
Just wanted to bump this thread as I also want to purchase some Thomas Mason fabric. Does anyone know if there is an online source which sells the fabric, or alternatively anywhere in HK which would sell the fabric alone (i.e. without being obliged to have them make it up into a shirt)?
What is the current price for an MTO pair of shoes from G&G?
Are Lindberg frames generally cheaper in HK? Last time I checked (a couple of years ago) the price seemed comparable with that in the UK. If you know somewhere reasonably priced in HK would you mind posting?
It seems as though this debate is roughly split down the middle in terms of the views of posters. With that in mind, I don't think you can call a no shoes policy a "personal quirk" - it is a preferance that a sizeable number of people who have posted in this thread have. It is no more a "personal quirk" than someone wishing to leave their shoes on.With regards to the "leave your shoes on if your guests do" approach - not sure I really see the rationale with this. How far...
No, I don't live in an "ethnic enclave" - although my experience of householders taking shoes off before they walk around the house has been largely consistent irrespective of ethnicity.
+1I spend most of my time in London and it is second nature for me, and most people I know, to instinctively remove our shoes when entering someone's house. The vast majority of households I know remove their shoes before walking around the house (and to be honest, the thought of wearing outdoor shoes around the house seems to me to be a little bit disgusting). I know floors are not 100% clean, but why would you want to exacerbate the problem by making them even more dirty...
Dior Homme probably has ties around that width (see the concessions in Harrods and Selfirdges). I do think Dior Homme is overpriced for what it is though. Drakes also sell a number of 7cm ties (so just a touch wider than you are looking for), so it's probably worth having a browse around the Clifford Street store if you are happy to consider 7cm ties? Hackett have slimmed their ties down recently so a lot of them are now around 7.5cm. Although I know this is a bit wider...
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