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I've worn ties from most of the brands/makers mentioned in this thread and I have to say that I always end up wearing my Drakes more than any of the others. They feel solid and well made, tend to tie a great knot and drape beautifully. One of the big advantages with ties from Sam Hober is that you can fully customise them, but this is also now possible with Drakes ties (i.e. the bespoke section on the Drakes website allows you to order ties (including navy grenadine) to...
My dinner jacket has satin lapels and I've worn a barathea bow tie with it a number of times - I think it looks absolutely fine.
These look great.How transparent are the untipped blades of the two grenadines in real life? I would assume they are relatively see-through although they look reasonably opaque in the picture - is that because they are sitting on a dark surface?
Why not try them out with a cheaper tie at first? There is a lot of positive feedback on them on here.I have a number of ties I want to get narrowed by them but will experiment with a couple of basic ones before sending in anything valuable.
Thanks guys, useful information to have. Winston S - doesn't sound like you got the full 20% back (i.e. if Drummonds are around GBP320, shouldn't you have got back closer to GBP60)?
Gdot - if you don't mind me asking, how much of the VAT are you able to recover at the airport? The reason I ask is because I am planning to pick up a couple of pairs in London in the next few months and my understanding is that the refund companies at the airport take a slice of the VAT to be refunded (so I'm just trying to figure out whether it actually works out cheaper to ask C&J to knock the VAT off in store and then post the shoes out).
Agreed. Pictures viewed on computers can quite easily fail to reproduce the colour with the necessary degree of accuracy. It would be much more useful to view swatches in real life, and waiting a week or so to receive them is not that long in the bigger scheme of things.
I should also add, that I don't think you can pay the Royal Family to issue a warrant and "endorse" your product, as suggested in the original post. Dib
Royal warrants are granted to companies who supply goods and services to the Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh or the Prince of Wales. My understanding is that these can be provided to companies who have been supplying goods/services for a consecutive 5 year period. I don't think there is any prohibition on these being awarded to overseas companies, although I think the vast majority of current warrant holders are British.
Just wanted to bump this thread as I also want to purchase some Thomas Mason fabric. Does anyone know if there is an online source which sells the fabric, or alternatively anywhere in HK which would sell the fabric alone (i.e. without being obliged to have them make it up into a shirt)?
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