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They look great - I'd also be interested to know what you think of the fit after you've been able to wear them in. How frequently are you likely to wear them btw?Also (and I don't know if I've missed this being discussed earlier in the thread), why did you opt for the nails at the toe rather than a sunken metal toe plate? In my experience, nails didn't give much protection (but I appreciate some people don't like the aesthetics of metal toe plates).
Sure, but all of my posts have been about EoM, not the others you mention. EoM is still an ongoing, active business and is therefore unlikely to want to default on its legal obligations (and as already mentioned, they have been happy to refund several other customers who have found themselves in this situation).
I don't see on what basis they could possibly refuse a refund. I hate to make threads overly legalistic, but if you have paid for goods and they haven't delivered them they are legally obliged to refund you (at the very least). This isn't a grey area, the position and their obligations are clear and I would be incredulous if they refused a refund in these circumstances (and several earlier posts indicate they have given others refunds).Trust me, I understand the position...
I think everyone believes and understands EG are not supplying EoM anymore (other than the small amount of orders they have left which they are fulfilling as referred to a few posts above).For me the issue is to what extent EoM knew this when they were taking on new orders (and to what extent they knew delivery times would be far beyond what customers expected when placing those orders).Either way, if i had placed an order with EoM i would expect them to fulfil it (even if...
To be honest, it's a little difficult to know what is actually going on, but my sense (from all the information posted on this so far) is that the blame probably largely lies with EoM rather than EG (i.e. it seems EoM have taken orders without being transparent regarding delivery times).If you are not in a huge rush for the shoes i would continue to wait and insist EoM provide them to you - they have taken your money and are bound to fulful the order. If they cannot get...
Looks great - what fabric is it? And what fabrics do you recommend/work with for overcoats (in terms of brands)?
Much safer to try on in person. If you're in HK Tassels in the Landmark stocks them, so you can try and buy from there.
The way a tie knots and drapes will be affected by a number of things. Lining (or the absence of it), is one of them, but others include: (i) the overall dimensions of the tie (not just at the tip of the blade, but all the way up the tie), (ii) the fabric used, (iii) the construction used (number of folds) etc.That said, I have hobers and Vandas that have been made on a like for like basis (i.e. both unlined grenadines (using grenadine from the same source as you note))...
I have both and prefer my Vandas - they drape and knot better for me
+2. If we're talking about wearing bright polka dot socks to a wedding i would advise against that, but a subtle pin dot on a conservative background is absolutely fine.
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