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Ah ok, that explains it then.Hopefully the VNA will feel the same as my CRU and FUN pairs once it has softened up a bit then (otherwise i'll have to think about modifying future commissions which are to be made in VNA to give a bit more room).Thanks for the feedback.
Do any forum members have any experience of how the VNA compares to CRU/FUN in terms of comfort and breaking them in?I'm currently a couple of wears into a new pair of St C's made in VNA which feel significantly more snug (and consequently a little more painful) than previous pairs which i'd had made in CRU or FUN (all on the same modified last) this to be expected with VNA? I don't recall having these breaking in issues with the CRU/FUN pairs I had made, which felt...
Thanks Kolecho
Does anyone know when Gennaro's next Hong Kong trip will be?
Thanks for the detailed response Rishi and good luck with the venture.Dib
Hi ThereCongratulations on your new venture, although I have to say there are a few elements that don't quite stack up for me.A few questions and comments (in no particular order):(1) You set out above why your ties are unique. I'm not sure what differentiates your ties from, for example, TM Lewin (they also make their ties from 100% silk, cut on the bias, offer over 100 designs etc etc) and offer ties in a similar price bracket.(2) You mention above that ALL of your ties...
Do you have an eta of when you may receive the Steadfast book?
Does anybody know of tailors in HK who carry the Smiths steadfast book (preferably in central)? I know Chan has it, but they have taken it on tour at the moment.
Given you have already paid a deposit, i would continue with the process and see what they can do. If the final product ends up being unacceptable/unwearable then cut your losses at that point (i.e. tell them you aren't prepared to take the suit or pay the balance). The only additional thing you would have lost from this point on would have been the time taken to go to subsequent fittings.
ok, and when you spoke to them on the phone and they said they need to confirm you presumably replied "who do you need to confirm with" etc? Sorry to labour the point, but i just find it very strange that they would not give you a helpful answer if you were asking the right questions... In any case, if they aren't giving you a price the likely reason is because they are trying to confirm availibility of the fabric and/or the latest price with the supplier. Can't think of...
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