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Got mine too. My first Vibergs. These things are amazing.
I'm drooling all over myself. Don't judge
Great news on the Cabourns. Can't wait to see the pics, but even more I can't wait to get them on my feet
Looking forward to those Cabourns. Any update on the status with those bad boys? Thanks in advance
Interesting. I am really curious about the process in general, and was wondering what exactly happened with the processing of that leather. I wish we could get a steady feed of process photos of every step along the way. I'm sure it would be wonderful to watch them do their thing. In any case, appreciate the insight here. I look forward to seeing all of the makeups.
I would be all over this "The Cabourn tribute boot - in the copper task roughout" Model: Service boot Last: 110 Leather: Copper task roughout (replacement, name may be different) Leather (tongue): copper task (replacement) Eyelets: 7 antique brass Sole: dainite, natural midsole Comments: totally awesome!
Sans night light it's plenty loud enough for band practice or small club shows, and with the attenuator I can record some exceptionally well colored guitar noodlings while my kids sleep soundly. YMMV
it's a beautiful thing
I have a similar goal. I play through a Swart with an attenuator box. Swart makes something called a Night Light to do this, but others make similar devices.
I haven't been through all 11 pages to check if this has been suggested yet, but QED makes their own custom blend from natural essential oils that's well worth checking out. I'm partial to the B&B myself. Also, get a brush gents.
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