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I would be all over this "The Cabourn tribute boot - in the copper task roughout" Model: Service boot Last: 110 Leather: Copper task roughout (replacement, name may be different) Leather (tongue): copper task (replacement) Eyelets: 7 antique brass Sole: dainite, natural midsole Comments: totally awesome!
Sans night light it's plenty loud enough for band practice or small club shows, and with the attenuator I can record some exceptionally well colored guitar noodlings while my kids sleep soundly. YMMV
it's a beautiful thing
I have a similar goal. I play through a Swart with an attenuator box. Swart makes something called a Night Light to do this, but others make similar devices.
I haven't been through all 11 pages to check if this has been suggested yet, but QED makes their own custom blend from natural essential oils that's well worth checking out. I'm partial to the B&B myself. Also, get a brush gents.
As far as blades, it's sort of a personal thing. Feathers are great, but very sharp and probably not the best to learn with. Consider getting a sample pack from West Coast Shaving or someone like that. That way you can try out all sorts of different blades and find the one that works best for you. There is amazing variety. Don't assume the most expensive are the best. On that note, avoid the Merkur blades, which in my opinion are overpriced as hell for what you get....
United lost my bags twice on my last trip to Europe. Once on the way there, and then again en route home. I don't know if that's their fault or not, but their staff pretty much sucked in response to my problem. Poor me. I would agree that their planes are generally not as nice, and the perks in Biz class seem a bit less refined. I will avoid them on my next trip, based on my last experience, though I can't say I'd write them off for good.
The custom soaps made by QED are the best shaving soaps I've tried. I'd recommend you give them a shot. I love the shaving soap sticks for travel, and the tubs for at home
Pok Pok is a can't miss if you like SE Asian food at all. I agree, Beast is great. I love Le Pigeon as well. I visit PDX a couple of times a year, and it's hard not to eat every meal at Pok Pok, but I may just be obsessed.
PMing you on the EG Herringbone Bedford. I want
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