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It beats at 21,600bph, and it does not hack. However, it does hand wind in addition to the automatic winding.
Thank you very much! It's very late here right now, but feel free to ask any more questions and I'll answer in the morning.Good night everyone.
The movement is a double barrel Liaocheng movement with a 3 day power reserve, with the complications removed so that it becomes a 3-hand centre second time-only movement. We then will be upgrading the stem, rotor, and regulator. Afterwards, it will be lubricated during the watch assembly process (in Switzerland) and go through a second layer of quality control.
I'll try to make a summary of what we did with this project. We've been watch fanatics for years, and it all centered around 2 separate ideas: The first was to incorporate technical features we were most interested in (double barrel movement, 904L steel, viton gaskets, etc. etc.), which are generally only available in very expensive watches; into an affordable piece (around 500 usd). We are also further upgrading the movement (upgraded stem, rotor, regulator, and...
I'm looking for a new wallet, and I saw one that I really love, but it's out of my price range: Looks like it's made of thick, strong leather, and I love that shade of blue. I saw it for $280, and I'm looking for something closer to ~50 even if I have to buy pre-owned. Any ideas?
I'm new to denim, and over the past year I had been looking for a good pair of jeans. I was reading up on the whole selvage, raw denim, and using certain types of looms, and decided I want in on that. I was originally going to go with a pair from Denim Design Lab (are they any good?) but had just been sitting on the idea. A friend told me to go for a pair of slim-straight cut jeans, presumably because I'm fairly short and don't have long legs. I imagine anything too...
I guess I'll just get a pair of hush puppies foster
Ok, sorry, I take it you don't like my idea at all or it doesn't exist. Feel free to put in your ideas for what a nice adventure shoe might be.
sorry. please delete
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